Cyber Explore Fundamentals of Cyber

You may be asking yourself...

Do I really need to take this course?

Yeah, you do.

A Message from the Director

The United States is the
number one target
for foreign-based
cyber operations.
- Bill Evanina, Director of NCSC


Every network and device
has vulnerabilities,

some inherent,
some self-imposed.

Our foreign adversaries are forever seeking
opportunities to infiltrate and exploit
these vulnerabilities.

  • Nearly 75% of all legitimate websites have unpatched vulnerabilities

  • Attackers reside within a network an average of 8
    before they are even detected

  • 89% of all cyber attacks involve financial or espionage motivations

Before you can fully understand the threat, you need to have a good foundation in the fundamental operations and capabilities of a computer and its networks.

At the end of this course, you will understand how foreign adversaries
could infiltrate and exploit our cyber networks through inherent
and/or self-imposed vulnerabilities and the security
procedures you can implement to help
mitigate the risk.

Vulnerabilities lie within three areas:

  • Technology

  • Configuration

  • Security

During this course, you will explore these areas, giving you a foundation to help you progress through the Cyber Fundamentals series.

Modules & Objectives

  1. Vulnerabilities

    At the end of Module 01, you will be able to identify the computer’s component layers and associated functions.

  2. Attacks

    At the end of Module 02, you will be able to recognize virtualization concepts.

  3. Security Protection

    At the end of Module 03, you will be able to choose the correct security protection associated with a computer’s component layer.