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Haqqani Network (HQN)

( AS OF AUGUST 2022 )


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The Haqqani Network (HQN) is a Sunni foreign terrorist organization formed to fight against the Soviet Union during its invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1980s. The network allied with the Taliban in 1990s and has since carried out thousands of attacks against US and Afghan forces and civilians, including some of the largest mass-casualty attacks conducted during the conflict with the United States. The HQN’s stated goal is to establish an independent Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. In addition to its close ties to the Taliban, the HQN has longstanding ties to al-Qa‘ida and other militant Islamist groups operating in Afghanistan and the region. Several HQN commanders were named to cabinet positions in the Taliban’s caretaker government announced in September 2021.

Following the US invasion of Afghanistan in 2001, the HQN sought refuge in North Waziristan, Pakistan, from where it conducted cross-border operations into eastern Afghanistan. The network probably largely relocated to Afghanistan when the Taliban came to power in August 2021.

Between 3,000 and 5,000

HQN used suicide bombers and explosive-laden vehicles against Afghan Government security forces, US and other coalition troops, government buildings, schools, prisons, and foreign embassies in Afghanistan.

The US State Department designated the HQN as a foreign terrorist organization in September 2012 and named several HQN leaders as specially designated global terrorists, including Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani, in 2011 and Sirajuddin, Yahya Haqqani, and Muhammad Omar Zadran in 2014.


Jalaluddin Haqqani

Jalaluddin Haqqani
Founder; Taliban announced death in 2018

Sirajuddin Haqqani

Sirajuddin Haqqani
Haqqani network leader, Taliban acting minister of interior

Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani

Khalil ur Rahman Haqqani
Senior leader, Taliban acting minister of refugees

Yahya Haqqani

Yahya Haqqani
Senior leader, involved in the group’s financial and military activities

Anas Haqqani

Anas Haqqani
Son of Jalaluddin Haqqani, senior official in the Taliban-controlled government


14 May 2020

Paktia, Afghanistan

A suicide operative detonates a car bomb in eastern Afghanistan, killing five people and wounding 14.

27 January 2018

Kabul, Afghanistan

Militants detonate an explosives-filled ambulance in a fortified area of the city, killing at least 103 people and wounding 235.

20 January 2018

Kabul, Afghanistan

HQN gunmen storm the Intercontinental Hotel, killing 22 people, including four Americans, and wounding 20.

31 May 2017

Kabul, Afghanistan

Militants detonate a tanker truck laden with 3,000 pounds of explosives, killing 150 people and wounding 400.

13 September 2011

Kabul, Afghanistan

HQN conducts a nearly daylong assault on the US Embassy in Kabul and the International Security Assistance Force, killing at least 16 Afghan civilians, including six children.