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November 13, 2015 FRANCE: Series of attacks in and around Paris, most prominently at the Bataclan theatre, kill 129, injure more than 400; Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant claims responsibility
July 29, 2015 PAKISTAN: Malik Ishaq, co-founder and leader of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, killed in shoot-out in Muzaffargarh while being transported by police convoy
July 10, 2015 CHAD: Boko Haram suicide bombing in N’Djamena market kills 15; attack is believed the first by the group in the country
June 26, 2015 TUNISIA: Gunman kills 38 tourists at beach resort in Sousse; ISIL claims responsibility
June 26, 2015 KUWAIT: Bombing of Shia mosque in Kuwait City kills 27, wounds more than 220; ISIL claims responsibility
June 26, 2015 FRANCE: Attack on US-owned factory near Lyon kills one, wounds two others; no claim of responsibility
April 2, 2015 KENYA: At least 147 killed in attack on Garissa University; al-Shabaab claims responsibility
March 20, 2015 YEMEN: Suicide bombers attack four Shia mosques in Sanaa, killing 140 and wounding more than 350; ISIL claims responsibility
January 9, 2015 FRANCE: Four killed in attack on deli in Paris; ISIL claims responsibility on 3 February
January 7, 2015 FRANCE: Attack on Charlie Hebdo magazine office kills 12 in Paris; AQAP claims responsibility on 14 January

December 16, 2014 PAKISTAN: Attack on school in Peshawar kills 145, including 132 schoolchildren, and wounds another 130; TTP claims responsibility
July 16, 2014 GREECE: Nikolaos Maziotis, leader of terrorist group Revolutionary Struggle, captured by Greek police in Athens
July 15, 2014 AFGHANISTAN: At least 90 killed and dozens wounded in car-bomb attack on market in Orgun district; Taliban deny responsibility
June 15, 2014 KENYA: More than 60 killed in three-day siege when gunmen attack hotels and police station in Mpeketoni; no claim of responsibility but al-Shabaab widely suspected
May 22, 2014 CHINA: More than 30 killed, 90 wounded, in car bomb and explosives attacks in Urumqi; no immediate claim of responsibility but Muslim Uighur separatists widely suspected
May 7, 2014 NIGERIA: Boko Haram attack kills at least 150 villagers in Gamboru Ngala; village was used as staging area in effort to locate schoolgirls kidnapped on 14 April
April 14, 2014 NIGERIA: More than 250 schoolgirls kidnapped in Boko Haram attack in Chibok; group’s leader, Abubakar Shekau, claims responsibility
US Sulayman Bu Ghayth March 26, 2014 US: Sulayman Bu Ghayth, al-Qa‘ida spokesman and close associate of Usama Bin Ladin, convicted in New York on terrorism and conspiracy charges

December 30, 2013 RUSSIA: At least 34 killed in three attacks over past four days in Volgograd; Ansar al-Sunna claims responsibility in January on website linked to Imirat Kavkaz
December 5, 2013 YEMEN: AQAP kills 52, wounds 167, in car bomb and shooting attack on military hospital in Sanaa
September 21, 2013 KENYA: Gunmen kill more than 70, wound 200 in attack on Westgate mall in Nairobi; al-Shabaab claims responsibility
August 23, 2013 US: Nidal Malik Hasan convicted on 13 counts of premeditated murder in attack at Ft. Hood, Texas, on 5 November 2009
US Boston Marathon bombing, emergency response APRIL 15 2013 US: Three killed, 264 wounded when bombs explode at Boston Marathon; Djokhar Tsarnaev arrested, Tamerlan Tsarnaev killed in manhunt
April 14, 2013 BAHRAIN: Several devices explode in and around Manama; members of 14 February Youth Coalition claim responsibility on social media sites
April 3, 2013 AFGHANISTAN: Thirty-four civilians, 10 security personnel killed as Taliban forces storm courthouse in Farah
February 16, 2013 PAKISTAN: Bomb kills 84, wounds 190 in Hazara, near Quetta; Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims responsibility
February 1, 2013 TURKEY: Suicide bomber attacks US Embassy in Ankara, killing himself and a guard; DHKP/C claims responsibility
January 16, 2013 ALGERIA: Attack on gas facility near I-n-Amenas kills 39, including three Americans; Those Who Sign With Blood Battalion led by Mokhtar Belmokhtar claims responsibility
January 10, 2013 PAKISTAN: Bombings in Quetta and Mingaora kill 115; Lashkar-e-Jhangvi and United Baluch Army claim responsibility

October 26, 2012 AFGHANISTAN: Suicide bombing at mosque in Maymana kills 41, wounds 56; no claim of responsibility
September 11, 2012 LIBYA: US diplomatic facilities in Benghazi attacked; Amb. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans killed
July 18, 2012 BULGARIA: Suicide bomber attacks bus in Burgas, killing six Israelis, one Bulgarian, himself, and wounding more than 30 others; no claim of responsibility but Israeli prime minister blames Iran and Hizballah
June 21, 2012 KABUL: Suicide bombers attack Spozhmai Hotel in Kabul, killing 20; Taliban claim responsibility
June 4, 2012 Pakistan: Abu Yahya al-Libi, seen as al-Qa‘ida second-in-command and "general manager," killed; White House sees "major blow" to group's capabilities
May 21, 2012 YEMEN: Suicide bomber kills more than 90, wounds some 200 more in attack in Sanaa; Ansar al-Sharia, affiliated with AQAP, claims responsibility
May 6, 2012 YEMEN: Fahd al-Quso, wanted in connection with 12 October 2000 attack on the USS Cole, killed in explosion in Shabwah Governorate
May 2, 2012 AFGHANISTAN: Seven killed in separate attacks in Kabul two hours after US President departs; Taliban claim responsibility
April 16, 2012 AFGHANISTAN: Near-simultaneous attacks against Western facilities and government buildings in Kabul end after 18 hours of fighting; Taliban claim responsibility
January 20, 2012 NIGERIA: Coordinated attacks in Kano kill more than 185; Boko Haram claims responsibility

December 6, 2011 AFGHANISTAN: Attacks on Shia mosques in Kabul and Mazar-e Sharif kill more than 60; Lashkar-e-Jhangvi al-Alami claims responsibility
November 5, 2011 NIGERIA: Coordinated attacks in Damaturu and other locations over 4 and 5 November kill more than 150; Boko Haram claims responsibility
September 30, 2011 YEMEN: Anwar al-Aulaqi, radical ideologue and attack planner for al-Qa'ida in the Arabian Peninsula, killed in explosion near Khashef
September 13, 2011 AFGHANISTAN: US Embassy and NATO headquarters in Kabul hit in simultaneous attacks with rocket-propelled grenades and small-arms fire; Taliban claim responsibility
August 26, 2011 NIGERIA: Vehicle bombing of UN headquarters in Abuja kills 23, wounds more than 80; Boko Haram claims responsibility
August 22, 2011 PAKISTAN: Atiyah Abd al-Rahman, al-Qa‘ida second-in-command, killed in explosion in North Waziristan Agency
August 19, 2011 PAKISTAN: Bomb attack during Ramadan against mosque in Ghundi kills 40, wounds 85; no claim of responsibility
August 18, 2011 ISRAEL: Terrorists crossing from Egypt kill six, wound 25 in three attacks near Eilat
August 13, 2011 PAKISTAN: Warren Weinstein, contractor for an American firm, kidnapped in Lahore; Ayman al-Zawahiri claims responsibility on behalf of al-Qa'ida
August 11, 2011 INDONESIA: Umar Patek, responsible for the October 2002 bombing in Bali that killed more than 200, extradited from Pakistan
July 27, 2011 AFGHANISTAN: Attacker kills Kandahar mayor with bomb concealed in turban; Taliban claim responsibility
July 22, 2011 NORWAY: Lone attacker bombs government buildings in Oslo, then goes on shooting rampage in Utoya; more than 70 killed, dozens wounded
July 13, 2011 INDIA: Three blasts in crowded areas kill 18 and wound more than 130 in Mumbai; attack is said to commemorate birthday of sole surviving gunman of November 2008 Mumbai siege
July 12, 2011 AFGHANISTAN: Ahmed Wali Karzai, half-brother of Afghan president, killed in Kandahar by bodyguard; Taliban claim responsibility
June 28, 2011 AFGHANISTAN: Gunmen attack Hilltop Inter-Continental Hotel in Kabul, killing 11 and wounding more than a dozen before all eight attackers detonate themselves; Taliban claim responsibility
June 25, 2011 PAKISTAN: Husband and wife suicide bombers attack police station in Kolachi, killing 10; TTP claims responsibility
June 16, 2011 WORLDWIDE: Al-Qa'ida names Ayman al-Zawahiri as new head of the group following death of Usama Bin Ladin
June 16, 2011 NIGERIA: Attack on national police headquarters kills six. Boko Haram claims responsibility; attack is believed to be first suicide bombing in the country
June 7, 2011 SOMALIA: Harun Fazul, wanted in connection with the August 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, killed by Somali forces; US Secretary of State sees "significant blow to al-Qa'ida, its extremist allies, and its operations in East Africa"
May 20, 2011 PAKISTAN: Suicide bomber on motorbike attacks US Consulate vehicle in Peshawar, killing one Pakistani and wounding 10 others; TTP claims responsibility
May 13, 2011 PAKISTAN: Two suicide bombers kill 80 paramilitary trainees in Shabqadar; TTP claims responsibility
Pakistan Image of Usama Bin Ladin MAY 2, 2011 PAKISTAN: Usama Bin Ladin, leader of al-Qa‘ida and responsible for the 11 September 2011 attacks in the United States that killed nearly 3,000 people is killed by US forces in Abbotabad, Pakistan
April 28, 2011 MOROCCO: Bomb kills 15 in Marrakech café frequented by Westerners in first major attack in country since May 2003; government blames AQIM but group denies responsibility
April 15, 2011 INDONESIA: Twenty-eight wounded in Jakarta in country's first suicide bombing inside a mosque; no claim of responsibility
April 3, 2011 PAKISTAN: Suicide bombers attack Sufi shrine in Dera Ghazi Khan, killing 50 and wounding more than 100; TTP claims responsibility
March 29, 2011 PAKISTAN: Authorities announce arrest of Umar Patek, wanted in connection with the October 2002 bombing in Bali, Indonesia, that killed more than 200
March 23, 2011 ISRAEL: Bomb near Jerusalem's central bus station kills one, wounds 40; no immediate claim of responsibility
March 19, 2011 ISRAEL: HAMAS fires 50 mortars from Gaza Strip, injuring several in first such attack in two years; group's militant wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, claims responsibility
March 12, 2011 ISRAEL: Family of five settlers in West Bank stabbed to death while in bed; no claim of responsibility
February 14, 2011 BAHRAIN: Political unrest spawns creation of 14 February Youth Coalition, later suspected of involvement in firebomb and other attacks against Western interests
February 10, 2011 PAKISTAN: Teenage suicide bomber kills 27 soldiers in attack on military training center in Mardan; local member of TTP claims responsibility
February 1, 2011 US: Colleen LaRose, also known as "Jihad Jane," pleads guilty to four terrorism-related charges
January 25, 2011 US: Ahmed Ghailani sentenced in civilian court in New York to life in prison for role in 7 August 1998 bombing of US Embassies in Nairobi, Kenya, and Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
January 24, 2011 RUSSIA: Suicide bombing kills 36, wounds 180, at Domodedovo airport in Moscow; Doku Umarov of Imirat Kavkaz claims responsibility on 7 February
January 18, 2011 IRAQ: Suicide bomber kills 50, wounds 150, in attack on police applicants in Tikrit; no claim of responsibility but al-Qa‘ida in Iraq strongly suspected
January 1, 2011 EGYPT: Attack on Coptic church in Alexandria kills 23, wounds almost 100; Army of Islam blamed but group denies responsibility

November 3, 2010 SUDAN: Assailants kill 37 paramilitaries and wound 30 others in Nyala, Southern Darfur State; Justice and Equality Movement claims role in fighting but denies initiating the firefight
October 31, 2010 IRAQ: Armed attackers storm Catholic church in Baghdad, killing 51 and wounding 60; Islamic State of Iraq claims responsibility
October 5, 2010 US: Faisal Shahzad convicted, sentenced to life imprisonment, for role in failed vehicle bombing in Times Square, New York City
September 23, 2010 COLUMBIA: FARC military commander Victor Julio Suarez Rojas, better known as Mono Jojoy, killed in Colombian military operation in Meta Department
September 9, 2010 RUSSIA: At least 15 killed, 130 wounded as suicide bomber attacks market in Vladikavkaz
September 1, 2010 ISRAEL: Second shooting attack in two days leaves two wounded; spokesman for HAMAS's military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, again claims responsibility
August 31, 2010 ISRAEL: Four settlers killed by gunfire in Qiryat Arba`; spokesman for HAMAS's military wing, Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, claims responsibility
August 24, 2010 SOMALIA: Two suicide bombers kill 33, including four members of parliament, in attack on Muna Hotel in Mogadishu; al-Shabaab claims responsibility
August 18, 2010 PAKISTAN: Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan announces death of leader Tahir Yuldashev, reported killed on 27 August 2009; IMU says Yuldashev replaced by Usman Adil
August 17, 2010 IRAQ: Suicide bomber in Baghdad kills 57 civilians and wounds 118 others in addition to killing and wounding many military recruits; Islamic State of Iraq claims responsibility
August 7, 2010 IRAQ: Two vehicle bombs and two other devices kill 43, wound 185 in Al Basrah; no claim of responsibility
August 5, 2010 AFGHANISTAN: Ten medical aid workers murdered in Badakhshan Province; Taliban claim responsibilty, US Secretary of State condemns "despicable act of wanton violence"
July 28, 2010 STRAIT OF HORMUZ: Blast near Japanese oil tanker M. Star in waters between Oman and Iran damages ship, wounds one crew member; `Abdallah Azzam Brigades claims responsibility
July 15, 2010 PAKISTAN: Suicide bomber kills five, wounds 60 in attack on military convoy; Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan claims responsibility
July 11, 2010 UGANDA: Twin blasts kill 74, wound more than 70 in Kampala during telecast of World Cup; al-Shabaab claims responsibility
July 9, 2010 PAKISTAN: Two suicide bombers attack government building in Yakaghund, killing 62 and wounding more than 110; no immediate claim of responsibility
July 4, 2010 LEBANON: Muhammad Husayn Fadlallah, spiritual leader of Hizballah, dies in Beirut
July 1, 2010 SYRIA: Muhammad Oudeh, better known as Abu Daoud, mastermind of the attack on Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972, dies in Damascus
May 12, 2010 IRAN: Sixteen soldiers killed, six injured in separate attacks near Marivan and Zir Ab; Kurdistan Free Life Party (PJAK) claims responsibility
May 3, 2010 US: Faisal Shahzad arrested for role in 1 May attempted vehicle bombing in Times Square, New York City
May 1, 2010 US: Vehicle bomb fails to detonate in Times Square, New York City, as alert street vendor notifies police of smoking vehicle; Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan claims responsibility for the attempted attack
April 23, 2010 US: Zarein Ahmedzay pleads guilty to conspiracy charges associated with Najibullah Zazi's plan to attack New York City subway system
April 23, 2010 IRAQ: Multiple blasts targeting Shia mosques in Baghdad kill 69, wound more than 100; Iraqi officials blame al-Qa'ida
April 18, 2010 IRAQ: Abu Ayyub al-Masri and 'Umar al-Baghdadi, leaders of al-Qa‘ida in Iraq, killed in Coalition raid in Baghdad
April 16, 2010 PAKISTAN: Twelve killed, 40 wounded as suicide bomber fires on people in Quetta hospital before detonating device; Lashkar-e-Jhangvi claims responsibility
March 29, 2010 RUSSIA: Almost 40 killed, 60 wounded as female suicide bombers attack two Metro stations in Moscow; on 31 March, Chechen rebel leader Doku Umarov claims responsibility for the attacks
March 12, 2010 PAKISTAN: Two suicide bombings targeting army convoy kill more than 40, wound 100, in Lahore; no immediate claim of responsibility
March 8, 2010 PAKISTAN: Car bomb kills 13, wounds 90 in attack on security forces building in Lahore; TTP claims responsibility
February 26, 2010 AFGHANISTAN: Taliban attack Kabul guesthouses frequented by foreigners; 17 killed, 30 wounded in bombings and subsequent gunfire
February 11, 2010 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Fifteen civilians kidnapped, seven later killed in Bisembe; Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda believed responsible
US Najibullah Zazi FEBRUARY 22, 2010 Najibullah Zazi pleads guilty to charges of conspiring to bomb New York City subway system
January 30, 2010 AFGHANISTAN: Female suicide bomber kills 14 civilians and 3 soldiers in Khar; no claim of responsibility
January 11, 2010 INDIA: Two killed as attackers fire on local traders; no claim of responsibility but Communist Party of India-Maoist widely suspected

December 25, 2009 US: Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab attempts to detonate plastic explosives aboard Northwest Airlines flight 253 en route to Detroit; al-Qa‘ida in the Arabian Peninsula claims responsibility for the failed attack
December 15, 2009 IRAQ: Series of vehicle bombs in Baghdad and Mosul kills eight; al-Qa'ida in Iraq blamed
December 8, 2009 IRAQ: Near-simultaneous vehicle bombs at government buildings kill 127; authorities blame al-Qa'ida militants
December 7, 2009 PAKISTAN: Blasts in Lahore and Peshawar kill 58, wound more than 150; no credible claim of responsibility
December 3, 2009 SOMALIA: Man dressed in burqa detonates bomb at graduation ceremony for doctors in Mogadishu, killing three government ministers and 16 others; al-Shabaab claims responsibility
November 27, 2009 RUSSIA: Derailment of Moscow-Saint Petersburg train kills 26, wounds 100. Investigators find elements of an explosive device; no claim of responsibility
November 10, 2009 INDIA: Eight civilians killed in attack in North Tripura; National Liberation Front of Tripura claims responsibility
November 5, 2009 US: Nidal Malik Hasan kills 13, wounds 29 at Fort Hood, Texas; convicted on 23 counts of murder on 23 August 2013
October 25, 2009 IRAQ: Two car bomb attacks in Baghdad kill more than 130, wound 520; Iraqi president blames al-Qa‘ida and followers of Saddam Husayn
October 15, 2009 PAKISTAN: Coordinated attacks in Lahore and Kohat kill nearly 40; TTP claims responsibility for Lahore attack
October 10, 2009 PAKISTAN: Nine soldiers killed in attack on Army General Headquarters in Rawalpindi; TTP claims responsibility
September 21, 2009 CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Three Italian aid workers killed, one wounded, three kidnapped in attack near Mboki; no claim of responsibility but Lord's Resistance Army believed responsible
September 16, 2009 AFGHANISTAN: Suicide bomber kills two civilians, wounds five others and three soldiers; Taliban claim responsibility
September 12, 2009 AFGHANISTAN: Attack on convoy in Farah kills 11, wounds 12; Taliban claim responsibility; separate attack in Emam Saheb kills 7 police officers; no claim of responsibility
September 3, 2009 CHAD: Five Darfur aid workers kidnapped on or about this date; no claim of responsibility but Justice and Equality Movement believed responsible
August 26, 2009 PAKISTAN: Attackers kill 29 civilians in Manglaur; no claim of responsibility
August 25, 2009 AFGHANISTAN: At least 40 killed, 60 wounded in car bomb attack in Kandahar; no claim of responsibility but Taliban strongly suspected
Pakistan An undated photo from 2004 shows Pakistani Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsud speaking as he arrives for a meeting in South Waziristan. Pakistan said on August 7 it believed that wanted Taliban warlord Baitullah Mehsud was killed in a US drone attack, which if confirmed would score a coup in the US-led fight against Islamist militants. The death of the notorious commander could deal a heavy blow to the sizeable Taliban movement commanded by Mehsud, who has a five-million-dollar US bounty on his head after Washington branded him 'a key Al-Qaeda facilitator'. Tribesmen said on condition of anonymity that Mehsud was killed with his wife when a US drone fired two missiles into a family home in the Laddah area of South Waziristan on August 5. AFP PHOTO/A MAJEED August 23, 2009 Baitullah Mehsud, leader of Tehrik-e Taliban Pakistan, killed; Mehsud was responsible for many high-profile attacks including assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007
August 13, 2009 IRAQ: Twenty-one killed as two suicide bombers attack café in Kala; no claim of responsibility
August 11, 2009 IRAQ: Eight killed, 30 wounded as vehicle bombs and IEDs explode in separate attacks in Baghdad; no claim of responsibility but Islamic State of Iraq suspected
August 6, 2009 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Some 100 civilians kidnapped and killed in Niangara; Lord's Resistance Army widely believed responsible
August 5, 2009 PAKISTAN: TTP leader Baitullah Mehsud killed in missile strike; Mehsud responsible for many high-profile attacks including assassination of Benazir Bhutto in 2007
July 29, 2009 SPAIN: More than 60 people wounded in car bomb attack in Burgos; ETA claims responsibility
July 20, 2009 AFGHANISTAN: Twelve civilians killed when vehicle strikes a roadside bomb in Syah Koshah; no claim of responsibility
July 17, 2009 INDONESIA: Near-simultaneous bombings of JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton hotels in Jakarta kill nine and wound more than 50; Noordin Mat Top and Jemaah Islamiya strongly suspected
June 24, 2009 IRAQ: More than 70 people killed, 100 wounded in bombing of market in Baghdad's Sadr City; no claim of responsibility"
June 23, 2009 MAURITANIA: American Christopher Leggett killed in Nouakchott; AQIM claim of responsibility cites "Christianizing activities"
June 10, 2009 IRAQ: Car bomb kills 24 in vegetable market; no claim of responsibility but Islamic State of Iraq suspected
June 9, 2009 PAKISTAN: Truck bomb attack on Pearl Continental Hotel in Peshawar kills 18, wounds at least 50; little-known group Abdullah Azzam Shaheed Brigade claims responsibility
June 1, 2009 US: Attack on soldiers in Little Rock, Arkansas, kills one, wounds one; Abdulhakim Muhammad, also known as Carlos Leon Bledsoe, found guilty, sentenced to life in prison
May 28, 2009 PAKISTAN: Second day of attacks, this time in Peshawar, kills 13, including several policemen; no claim of responsibility
May 27, 2009 PAKISTAN: Attack on security facilities in Lahore using car bomb, grenades, and firearms kills at least 30, wounds more than 250; TTP claims responsibility
May 5, 2009 AFGHANISTAN: Separate attacks in Bala Buluk, Hukumati, and Muta Khan kill 12 policemen and civilians; Taliban claim responsibility or are widely believed to have committed the attacks
April 29, 2009 IRAQ: Two car bomb attacks in Baghdad kill 50 civilians, wound 75 more; no claim of responsibility but Islamic State of Iraq widely believed responsible
April 9, 2009 WEST BANK: Twelve civilians wounded in attack on Palestinian community in Bayt Safafa; no claim of responsibility but Israeli settlers believed responsible
March 30, 2009 PAKISTAN: Eight security personnel killed in attack on police academy near Lahore; second major attack on security forces within month
March 27, 2009 PAKISTAN: At least 50 worshipers killed and 100 wounded as suicide bomber strikes mosque in Jamrud, near Afghan border; no claim of responsibility but Taliban suspected
March 25, 2009 AFGHANISTAN: Bomb kills 10 civilians, wounds several others in Sabari; no claim of responsibility
March 3, 2009 PAKISTAN: Six security personnel killed in attack on Sri Lankan cricket team in Lahore; no claim of responsibility
February 24, 2009 SUDAN: Sixteen military, 21 civilians killed in attack in Malakal; no claim of responsibility but Sudan People's Liberation Army widely suspected
February 24, 2009 SOMALIA: Seventeen civilians killed, up to 90 more injured in fighting after attacks in Tarabunka and other locations; Islamic Party claims responsibility
February 9, 2009 SRI LANKA: LTTE female suicide bomber kills 28, wounds 90 in Vishvamadu
February 4, 2009 COLOMBIA: Seventeen civilians stabbed to death near Barbacoas; FARC claims responsibility
February 2, 2009 AFGHANISTAN: Suicide bomber kills 25 police officers, wounds many more in Tarin Kot; Taliban claim responsibility
February 1, 2009 IRAQ: Female suicide bomber kills 46 Shia pilgrims in Baghdad
January 26, 2009 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Assailants kill 36 civilians in several villages; Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda widely believed responsible
January 10, 2009 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Six civilians, several military personnel killed in Sambia; Lord's Resistance Army believed responsible
January 4, 2009 DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Fifteen people killed, many kidnapped in separate incidents; Lord's Resistance Army believed responsible
January 1, 2009 INDIA: Serial explosions in Guwahati kill five and wound 67; United Liberation Front of Assam believed responsibled

December 10, 2008 PAKISTAN: Suicide bomber kills 85, wounds 200 in attack in Kurram; Taliban widely believed responsible
India Indians light candles during a vigil on the eve of those killed during the November 26, 2008 militant attacks in Mumbai on November 25, 2010. India was set to mark the second anniversary of the militant attacks on Mumbai with memorial events and prayer meetings to honour the 166 victims killed during 60 hours of terror. Police and security forces who tackled the ten Islamist gunmen were due to parade through the city, while mourners also planned to gather at the hotels, railway station, cafe and Jewish centre where the massacres took place. AFP PHOTO/Indranil MUKHERJEE NOVEMBER 26, 2008 Terrorists attack several sites in Mumbai, India; sieges end three days later with more than 170 dead and 300 wounded; surviving attacker says Lashkar-e-Tayyiba responsible
September 20, 2008 PAKISTAN: Truck bomb attack against Marriott Hotel in Islamabad kills more than 60, wounds 200; al-Qa'ida strongly suspected
August 21, 2008 PAKISTAN: Two suicide bombers attack country's main arms factory in town of Wah, killing 60; Taliban elements claim responsibility
August 19, 2008 ALGERIA: Two synchronized car bombs kill 11 in Bouira; as in 19 August attacks, no claim of responsibility but al-Qa‘ida in Lands of Islamic Maghreb strongly suspected
August 19, 2008 ALGERIA: Suicide car bomber kills 43 in attack on police academy in Les Issers; no claim of responsibility but al-Qa‘ida in Lands of Islamic Maghreb strongly suspected
August 9, 2008 ALGERIA: Suicide bombing kills eight, wounds 17 others in Zemmouri; AQIM claims responsibility
August 8, 2008 IRAQ: Car bomb kills 28, wounds 71 at produce market in Tall `Afar; no claim of responsibility but authorities blame Islamic State of Iraq
July 27, 2008 TURKEY: Bombs kill 17 and wound more than 150 in Istanbul; Kongra-Gel denies involvement
July 28, 2008 IRAQ: Female suicide bombers attack Shia pilgirms in Baghdad and Kurdish demonstrators in Kirkuk; more than 50 killed in bombings and clashes prompted by the attacks
July 26, 2008 INDIA: Twenty-one bomb blasts within 70 minutes kill 56, wound 200 in Ahmedabad; Indian Mujahidin claims responsibility
July 25, 2008 INDIA: Seven explosions kill two in Bangalore
July 2, 2008 COLOMBIA: French politician Ingrid Betancourt and three US military contractors—Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes, and Keith Stansell—held since 23 February 2002, freed from FARC captivity
May 15, 2008 AFGHANISTAN: Car bomb detonates at police checkpoint in Dilaram, killing 19 and wounding 30; Taliban claim responsibility
May 13, 2008 INDIA: Seven near-simultaneous blasts in Jaipur kill more than 60; Indian Mujahidin claims responsibility
May 2, 2008 YEMEN: Car bomb attack at mosque in Sa`dah kills 18, wounds 45; Huthi rebels reject government's charge of responsibility
March 25, 2008 SRI LANKA: Parcel bomb explodes on commuter bus in Piliyandala, killing 26 and wounding 64; LTTE blamed
March 6, 2008 ISRAEL: Eight students killed in attack on yeshiva in Jerusalem; HAMAS claims responsibility
February 17, 2008 AFGHANISTAN: More than 100 killed, many more wounded in suicide bombing in Kandahar; Taliban believed responsible
February 12, 2008 SYRIA: Imad Mughniyah, believed responsible for 18 April 1983 bombing of US Embassy in Beirut, killed by car bomb in Damascus
February 8, 2008 INDIA: Seven civilians killed in courtroom shooting in Tuensang; National Socialist Council of Nagaland-Isak-Muivah (NSCN-IM) claims responsibility
January 29, 2008 PAKISTAN: Abu Layth al-Libi, al-Qa‘ida senior military commander and spokesperson, killed
January 28, 2008 BURUNDI: Assailants kill three soldiers, then booby-trap bodies to target responders, in Kayanza; Party for the Liberation of the Hutu People (Palipehutu-FNL) believed responsible
January 14, 2008 AFGHANISTAN: Attack on Serena Hotel in Kabul kills six, injures six, including American Thor David Hesla; Taliban claim responsibility
January 3, 2008 AFGHANISTAN: Car bomb and suicide bomber kill 15 policemen and first responders in Khash Rod; Taliban claim responsibility
January 2, 2008 ALGERIA: Bomb attack on police station in Naciria kills four, wounds more than 20; al-Qa‘ida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb claims responsibility
January 1, 2008 SUDAN: Attack in Khartoum kills USAID officer John Granville; five Sudanese convicted, sentences later commuted

December 27, 2007 PAKISTAN: Former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto assassinated after campaign rally in Rawalpindi; al-Qa'ida claims responsibility
December 21, 2007 PAKISTAN: Suicide bomber kills at least 50 in mosque near Peshawar. Outgoing interior minister believed targeted; no immediate claim of responsibility
December 11, 2007 ALGERIA: Two car bombs in Algiers kill at least 60, including 10 UN personnel, wound more than 170; al-Qa'ida in the Lands of the Islamic Maghreb claims responsibility
September 4, 2007 GERMANY: Three arrested in Oberschledorn as authorities foil plot to attack US and other targets; Islamic Jihad Union claims responsibility for failed attack
September 4, 2007 DENMARK: In counterterror raids, police in Copenhagen arrest eight al-Qa'ida-linked individuals for plotting terrorist attacks
August 22, 2007 IRAQ: Vehicle bomb kills 25 policemen and 20 civilians in Bayji; no claim of responsibility but Islamic State of Iraq widely believed responsible
August 15, 2007 IRAQ: At least 400 killed, hundreds wounded in four truck-bomb explosions in Ninawa Governorate
June 30, 2007 UK: Burning vehicle driven into Glasgow airport; Iraqi doctor, others, arrested in this and 29 June 2007 attempted car bombing
June 29, 2007 UK: Two car bombs safely dismantled in London
June 13, 2007 IRAQ: Second bombing of al-Askari (Golden Dome) Mosque in Samarra’; no casualties, but mosque's two 10-story minarets destroyed. First bombing, on 22 June 2006, destroyed mosque's golden dome
June 3, 2007 US: Authorities disrupt plot to blow up jet fuel supply tanks and pipelines at JFK International Airport in New York
May 29, 2007 IRAQ: Car bomb attack near market in Baghdad kills 23, wounds 68 others; Islamic State of Iraq claims responsibility
May 24, 2007 IRAQ: Vehicle bomb kills 34, wounds 60 more in Al Fallujah; Islamic State of Iraq/Mujahidin Shura Council believed responsible
May 19, 2007 LEBANON: Fatah al-Islam extremists clash with military and security forces in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp; 150 killed in fighting that continues through 21 June
May 7, 2007 US: Authorities disrupt plot to attack Fort Dix military base in New Jersey
April 28, 2007 IRAQ: Suicide bomber kills 70 civilians, wounds 170 more, in attack on Imam Abbas shrine (Shia); no claim of responsibility
March 28, 2007 GREECE: Grenade attack damages vehicles in Thessaloniki but causes no injuries; anarchists believed responsible
March 27, 2007 IRAQ: Two truck bombs target Shia areas of Tall `Afar, killing 152 and wounding 347
March 19, 2007 AFGHANISTAN: Suicide bomber attacks US Embassy convoy, wounding two officials and one Afghan child; Taliban claim responsibility
March 6, 2007 IRAQ: Suicide bombers detonate themselves in a crowd of Shia pilgrims in Al Hillah, killing 120 pilgrims and wounding 190
March 3, 2007 ALGERIA: AQIM bombs convoy carrying Russian workers, killing seven and wounding five
February 27, 2007 AFGHANISTAN: Suicide attack on Bagram Air Base during visit by Vice President Cheney kills 23 and wounds 20
January 19, 2007 ETHIOPIA: Twenty-five killed in attack on community in Gunagado; Ogaden National Liberation Front believed responsible
January 12, 2007 GREECE: Rocket-propelled grenade attack against US Embassy in Athens, no injuries reported; Revolutionary Struggle claims responsibility
January 7, 2007 INDIA: Armed assailants fire on civilians in Sibsagar, killing seven; United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA) claims responsibility

September 5, 2006 DENMARK: Police arrest nine on charges of plotting attack; chemicals, materials for explosives seized
September 4, 2006 PHILIPPINES: ASG commander Khadafi Janjalani dies in shootout on Jolo Island
August 31, 2006 THAILAND: One killed as more than 20 bombs explode almost simultaneously inside banks in south
August 27, 2006 IRAQ: Separate vehicle bomb and RPG attacks in Diyala, Baghdad, and Kirkuk kill 50 civilians; no claim of responsibility
August 10, 2006 UK: Police disrupt plot to attack planes flying to United States, arrest more than 20; al-Qa‘ida believed responsible
July 11, 2006 INDIA: Synchronized blasts on the Mumbai rail system kill nearly 200 and wound 900; LT believed responsible
July 3, 2006 SUDAN: Ten killed in attack in Hamrat ash Shaykh; National Redemption Front claims responsibility
July 1, 2006 IRAQ: Car bomb attack kills more than 60 in Baghdad market
June 13, 2006 IRAQ: Second bombing of al-Askari (Golden Dome) Mosque in Samarra’; no casualties, but mosque's two 10-story minarets destroyed. First bombing, on 22 June 2006, destroyed mosque's golden dome
Iraq Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi June 7, 2006 Abu Mus’ab al-Zarqawi, leader of al-Qa`ida in Iraq, killed in Coalition raid
June 2, 2006 CANADA: Police arrest 17 in Ontario; group believed to be planning attacks using truck bombs, small-arms fire
May 3, 2006 US: Zacarias Moussaoui sentenced to life in prison for aiding the 9/11 attacks
April 13, 2006 CHAD: Eighty civilians killed in two attacks in and near Jawara; no claim of responsibility but Janjaweed Militia widely believed responsible
February 22, 2006 IRAQ: Destruction of al-Askari (Golden Dome) Mosque in Samarra‘ triggers retaliatory attacks that kill nearly 400 in subsequent week; al-Qa‘ida in Iraq claims responsibility for attack
January 16, 2006 AFGHANISTAN: Twenty-two civilians killed, 27 wounded, by suicide bomber on motorcycle in Spin Buldak; no claim of responsibility

November 9, 2005 JORDAN: Three near-simultaneous bomb attacks against Western hotels in Amman kill more than 50, wound 110; al-Qa‘ida in Iraq claims responsibility
October 29, 2005 INDIA: Bombings in New Delhi kill 55, wound almost 200; Islamic Inquilab Mahaz group claims responsibility
October 13, 2005 RUSSIA: More than 250 armed assailants kill 50, wound 195 in attack on Nalchik; Kabardino-Balkariyan Sector of the Caucasus Front claims responsibility
October 1, 2005 INDONESIA: Resort bombings kill 26 and wound more than 100 in Bali; JI bombmaker Azahari bin Husin believed responsible
July 21, 2005 UK: No injuries reported as another four bombs explode in London transportation system two weeks after similar attacks
England A police van transporting London bombing suspect Osman Hussain, arrives at Woolwich Crown Court, London, 23 September 2005, after he was extradited from Italy on murder conspiracy charges. Hussain is alleged to have attempted to detonate an explosive device on board an underground train carriage at Shepherd's Bush tube station on 21 July 2005. AFP PHOTO/CARL DE SOUZA July 7, 2005 Three near-simultaneous bombs on London transportation system, followed by another bombing less than an hour later, kill more than 50, wound over 700; al-Qa'ida claims responsibility
May 4, 2005 IRAQ: Suicide bomber kills 69, wounds 110 in Erbil; Ansar al-Sunna claims responsibility
April 28, 2005 IRAQ: Two vehicle-bomb attacks kill more than 160 Iraqis; al-Zarqawi group claims responsibility
February 14, 2005 LEBANON: Former Prime Minister Rafiq al-Hariri is assassinated by car bomb in Beirut; UN investigation in October finds Syria responsible

October 24, 2004 IRAQ: Islamic Army mortar attack in Baghdad kills State Department officer Ed Seitz, wounds one
October 12, 2004 GAZA STRIP: Israelis kill senior HAMAS leader and explosives expert Adnan Ghul
October 7, 2004 EGYPT: Terrorists car-bomb Hilton resort in Taba, two other tourist areas; 34 killed, more than 100 wounded
September 26, 2004 SYRIA: Car bomb kills HAMAS leader Izz al-Din Shaykh Khalil in Damascus
September 22, 2004 ISRAEL: Female al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade bomber kills two in Jerusalem
September 9, 2004 INDONESIA: Al-Qa'ida attacks Australian Embassy in Jakarta, killing 10 and wounding 150
September 1, 2004 RUSSIA: During 1-3 September, Chechen terrorists attack Beslan school, killing at least 330, wounding 776
August 31, 2004 ISRAEL: Two HAMAS bus bombings kill 16 in Beersheba
July 28, 2004 IRAQ: Al-Zarqawi group bombings in Ba`qubah kill 70, wound 56
July 19, 2004 IRAQ: Fuel tanker driven into Baghdad police station, killing nine and wounding 60
July 14, 2004 IRAQ: Car bomb attack near Iraqi Interim Government headquarters and British Embassy in Baghdad kills 10, wounds 40
July 6, 2004 IRAQ: Ansar al-Sunna suicide car bombs in Khalis kill 14, wound 37
June 27, 2004 IRAQ: Car bombs explode in Al Hillah, killing 40 and wounding 22
June 17, 2004 IRAQ: Abu Mus‘ab al-Zarqawi extremists bomb Iraqi army recruitment center, killing 35 and wounding 138
June 12, 2004 SAUDI ARABIA: US contractor Paul Johnson is kidnapped by AQAP near Riyadh; group murders him several days later
June 1, 2004 IRAQ: Unknown group explodes car bomb in front of Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s office, killing 25 and wounding many more
May 22, 2004 COLOMBIA: Bomb explodes in crowded disco in Apartado, killing six, wounding 82; FARC suspected
May 8, 2004 RUSSIA: Chechen Republic President Kadyrov is killed at stadium in Groznyy when remotely detonated explosive kills 10, wounds 56
May 7, 2004 PAKISTAN: Unknown suicide bomber attacks historic mosque, killing 15 and wounding 96
April 21, 2004 SAUDI ARABIA: Terrorist car-bombs Riyadh police headquarters, killing 10 and wounding 125
April 21, 2004 IRAQ: Suicide attackers detonate five car bombs in Al Basrah, killing 73 and wounding 20
April 17, 2004 GAZA STRIP: Israelis kill HAMAS Gaza Strip leader Dr. ‘Abd al-Aziz al-Rantisi
April 8, 2004 INDIA: Nine civilians killed, 50 wounded when bomb explodes at election rally in Uri; Save Kashmir Movement claims responsibility
March 14, 2004 ISRAEL: Near-simultaneous attacks by two suicide bombers kill 10, wound 18 in Ashdod port; HAMAS and al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claim responsibility
March 11, 2004 SPAIN: Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade claims responsibility for four bombs on Madrid trains, killing 198, wounding 600
March 9, 2004 TURKEY: Two suicide bombers in Istanbul kill two, wound six; Abu Hafs al-Masri Brigade claims responsibility
March 2, 2004 PAKISTAN: Unknown group bombs Shia Muslim parade in Quetta, killing 44 and wounding 120
February 21, 2004 UGANDA: Lord's Resistance Army attacks refugee camp in northern region, killing 239 and wounding 60
February 10, 2004 IRAQ: Unknown group bombs job applicants at police station, killing 55 and wounding 67
February 6, 2004 RUSSIA: Unknown group detonates explosives in Moscow Metro, killing 40 and wounding 122
January 29, 2004 ISRAEL: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade bombs bus in Jerusalem, killing 11 and wounding 50
January 14, 2004 GAZA STRIP: First female HAMAS suicide bomber kills four, wounds 10 at Erez Crossing

November 20, 2003 IRAQ: Italian Carabinieri barracks bombed, killing four Iraqi citizens; no claim of responsibility
November 12, 2003 IRAQ: Italian Carabinieri barracks bombed, killing four Iraqi citizens; no claim of responsibility
November 9, 2003 SAUDI ARABIA: Eighteen killed, 122 wounded in bomb attack on residential compound in Riyadh
October 18, 2003 INDONESIA: Imam Samudra sentenced to death for role in 12 October 2002 bombing in Bali
October 15, 2003 GAZA STRIP: Palestinian terrorists bomb a US Embassy motorcade, killing three diplomatic security contractors
September 29, 2003 COLOMBIA: FARC motorcycle bomb explodes, killing 10 and wounding 54, including three police officers
September 23, 2003 ALGERIA: GSPC detonates two bombs near police vehicle, killing three
September 15, 2003 RUSSIA: Truck bomb attack on government security building in Moscow kills three
September 14, 2003 COLOMBIA: ELN militants kidnap four Israelis, two Britons, one German, and one Spaniard
September 9, 2003 ISRAEL: Suicide bomber kills eight persons, including two US citizens, near the Asaf Harolfe Hospital; no responsible group identified
August 29, 2003 IRAQ: Shia Muslim cleric Ayatollah al-Hakim assassinated in Al Basrah
August 19, 2003 ISRAEL: HAMAS suicide bomber detonates bomb aboard bus in Jerusalem, killing 20, including five US citizens, and wounding 140
August 14, 2003 THAILAND: Riduan Isamuddin, a.k.a. Hambali, key JI figure in the October 2002 Bali disco bombing, arrested in Bangkok
August 5, 2003 INDONESIA: Car bomb explodes in front of Marriott Hotel in Jakarta, killing 13 and wounding 149; JI responsible
August 2, 2003 IRAQ: Car bomb explodes in front of Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad, killing 19 and wounding 50
June 6, 2003 AFGHANISTAN: Taxi rigged with explosives rams into bus carrying German peacekeepers in Kabul, killing five and wounding 29
May 16, 2003 MOROCCO: Al-Sirat al-Mustaqim members conduct near-simultaneous explosive attacks at five locations in Casablanca, killing 42 and wounding 100
May 13, 2003 SAUDI ARABIA: Al-Qa'ida bombs the Vinnell, al-Hamra, and Ishbilyah housing compounds, killing seven US citizens and 13 others; another 194 wounded
April 30, 2003 ISRAEL: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade suicide bomber attacks Tel Aviv pub, killing three and wounding 64, including one US citizen
April 25, 2003 INDIA: Bomb explodes at courthouse, killing three and wounding 34
April 24, 2003 COLOMBIA: Landmine kills one US Marine and wounds five others; FARC believed responsible
April 2, 2003 PHILIPPINES: JI explodes bomb on crowded passenger wharf, killing 16 and wounding 55
March 24, 2003 INDIA: Armed militants dressed in military uniforms kill 24
March 5, 2003 ISRAEL: HAMAS suicide bomber explodes bomb aboard bus, killing 15, including one US citizen, and wounding 40 others
March 3, 2003 PHILIPPINES: MILF explodes bomb hidden in backpack in a crowded terminal, killing 21 including one US citizen, and wounding 146 others
US Photo of Khalid Shaykh Muhammad MARCH 1, 2003 Khalid Shaykh Muhammad is arrested; planned 9/11 attacks in United States
February 20, 2003 SAUDI ARABIA: Gunman ambushes car at stoplight, killing UK citizen; Yemen-born naturalized Saudi later arrested
January 31, 2003 US: Richard Reid, failed "shoe bomber" who attempted to bring down American Airlines flight 63 in December 2001, is sentenced to life in prison
January 27, 2003 AFGHANISTAN: Armed militants attack UN convoy, kill two security officer escorts
January 21, 2003 KUWAIT: Gunman ambushes vehicle near Camp Doha, killing one US contractor and wounding another
January 5, 2003 ISRAEL: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade’s simultaneous suicide attacks kill 23, wound 107

December 27, 2002 RUSSIA: Suicide bombers detonate two explosives-filled trucks at Chechnya’s pro-Moscow government building, killing 72 and wounding 210
November 28, 2002 KENYA: Three suicide bombers drive vehicle into front of Paradise Hotel in Mombasa, killing 15 and wounding 40; al-Qa‘ida and other groups claim responsibility
November 21, 2002 LEBANON: Female US citizen shot as she enters church-run facility in Sidon; ‘Asbat al-Ansar suspected
November 14, 2002 US: Aimal Kasi executed for 1993 murder of two CIA employees
October 28, 2002 JORDAN: USAID official Laurence Foley assassinated in Amman
October 23, 2002 RUSSIA: Fifty Chechens seize Podshipnikov Zavod theater in Moscow, taking more than 800 hostages; all Chechens and 124 hostages, including one American, killed during rescue
October 21, 2002 ISRAEL: Car bomb explodes next to bus in Karkur, killing 19; PIJ suspected
October 12, 2002 INDONESIA: Multiple car bombs explode outside nightclubs in Bali, killling 202; JI responsible
October 8, 2002 KUWAIT: Al-Qa'ida associates attack US Marines on exercise, killing one
October 6, 2002 YEMEN: French oil tanker Limburg attacked and damaged off coast; one killed and four wounded; al-Qa'ida responsible
September 25, 2002 PAKISTAN: Militants kill seven at Christian charity in Karachi
September 24, 2002 INDIA: Militants attack Hindu temple, killing 31; LT suspected
August 16, 2002 IRAQ: Abu Nidal, mastermind of 1985 attacks on Vienna and Rome airports, dies under mysterious circumstances in Baghdad
August 9, 2002 PAKISTAN: Grenade blast kills four and wounds 25 at Christian missionary hospital in Islamabad
August 6, 2002 INDIA: Suicide bomber attacks Hindu pilgrims near Pahalgam, killing nine and wounding 32
August 4, 2002 ISRAEL: Bus bombing kills 10 passengers and wounds more than 40; HAMAS claims responsibility
July 31, 2002 ISRAEL: Nine students, including five US citizens, killed and 85 wounded by bomb at Hebrew University; HAMAS responsible, apologizes for American deaths
July 22, 2002 ISRAEL: HAMAS leader and 14 Palestinians killed in Israeli airstrike
July 17, 2002 GREECE: Police arrest Alexandros Giotopoulos, leader and founder of 17 November
July 16, 2002 IRELAND: IRA issues unprecedented apology for all previous casualties
July 9, 2002 PHILIPPINES: One soldier killed and six wounded in clash with ASG guerrillas
July 6, 2002 AFGHANISTAN: Vice President Haji Abdul Qadir assassinated by unknown gunman
June 19, 2002 ISRAEL: Seven killed, 37 wounded by a suicide bomber at bus stop; al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claims responsibility
June 18, 2002 ISRAEL: Suicide bomber detonates explosives on bus, killing 19 and injuring 74; Islamic Jihad claims responsibility
June 5, 2002 ISRAEL: Car packed with explosives rams bus, killing 17 and wounding 38; Islamic Jihad responsible
May 21, 2002 PERU: Car bomb detonates outside US Embassy, killing nine Peruvians; Shining Path suspected
May 10, 2002 RUSSIA: Remote-control mine rips through Victory Day parade in Dagestan, leaving 41 dead; Chechen separatists suspected
April 12, 2002 ISRAEL: Suicide bomber kills six, wounds 104 in Jerusalem; al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade responsible
April 10, 2002 ISRAEL: HAMAS suicide bomber kills eight, wounds 22 in bus attack
March 31, 2002 ISRAEL: Suicide bomber strikes restaurant in Haifa, killing 15 people and wounding more than 40; HAMAS claims responsibility
March 30, 2002 ISRAEL: Suicide bombing kills one and wounds 30 in Tel Aviv; al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claims responsibility
March 27, 2002 ISRAEL: 29 people killed and 140 wounded by suicide bomber attack on hotel during Passover seder; HAMAS claims responsibility
March 21, 2002 ISRAEL: Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade suicide bomber detonates bomb in crowd of shoppers in Jerusalem; three killed, 86 wounded
March 20, 2002 ISRAEL: Suicide bomb detonates on bus, killing seven and wounding 30; Islamic Jihad responsible
March 9, 2002 ISRAEL: Suicide bomb kills 11 and wounds 25 inside a crowded Jerusalem cafe; HAMAS claims responsibility
March 5, 2002 ISRAEL: Bomb explodes inside Arab schoolyard in Jerusalem, wounding eight; Avengers of the Infants claims responsibility
February 23, 2002 COLOMBIA: Politician Ingrid Betancourt and three US military contractors, Marc Gonsalves, Thomas Howes, and Keith Stansell, kidnapped by FARC
February 18, 2002 ISRAEL: Policeman killed by suicide bomber; al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade claims responsibility
January 27, 2002 ISRAEL: Fatah female suicide bomber kills one and wounds more than 150 in Jerusalem
January 23, 2002 PAKISTAN: Extremists kidnap and later kill US journalist Daniel Pearl
January 15, 2002 WEST BANK: Palestinian militia leader Ra‘id al-Karmi killed by bomb outside his home; Israel implicated

December 22, 2001 US: Richard Reid attempts to detonate a bomb on board American Airlines flight 63 but is subdued by passengers
December 13, 2001 INDIA: Parliament bombed, killing 13; Lashkar-e-Tayyiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed are responsible
December 1, 2001 ISRAEL: Two suicide bombers detonate explosives in mall, killing 10 and wounding 120; HAMAS claims responsibility
November 6, 2001 SPAIN: ETA car bomb detonates during rush hour in Madrid, wounding 100
November 4, 2001 ISRAEL: US citizen killed in shooting attack on bus in Jerusalem; assailant killed and 35 wounded; PIJ claims responsibility
October 28, 2001 PHILIPPINES: ASG bomb in Zamboanga kills 11 and wounds 50
October 17, 2001 ISRAEL: Cabinet Minister Rehav‘am Ze‘evi is killed by PFLP
October 7, 2001 AFGHANISTAN: US-led coalition begins military campaign in response to 9/11 attacks
September 26, 2001 FRANCE: Police arrest seven suspected Islamic extremists linked to Bin Ladin network headed by Djamel Beghal
US Photo of September 11th aftermath SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 Four passenger planes hijacked; two crash into World Trade Center in New York City; one crashes into Pentagon; fourth crashes into field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania; nearly 3,000 killed; Usama Bin Ladin and al-Qa'ida responsible
September 10, 2001 COLOMBIA: FARC leader German Briceno is sentenced in absentia to 40 years for murder of three US activists
September 9, 2001 AFGHANISTAN: Opposition leader Ahmad Shah Mahsood killed by two al-Qa'ida suicide bombers
August 31, 2001 ALGERIA: Islamic militants blamed for two attacks that kill 13
August 30, 2001 SRI LANKA: LTTE bomb outside municipal building in Kalunai kills three and wounds seven
August 29, 2001 CANADA: Mahmud Jaballah arrested for involvement in al-Qa'ida bombing of US embassies
August 23, 2001 COLOMBIA: Car bomb outside police station in Marintilla kills one and wounds 25; ELN blamed
August 18, 2001 SPAIN: Car bomb explodes in tourist area near Barcelona after warning call; ETA responsible
August 15, 2001 INDIA: Bomb attack wounds 18 in Handwara, Kashmir; LT claims responsibility
August 12, 2001 ISRAEL: Suicide bomb attack in restaurant near Haifa kills the bomber and wounds 20; Palestine Islamic Jihad suspected
August 4, 2001 PHILIPPINES: Soldiers rescue 13 hostages after ASG beheads 10 of 23 kidnapped on 2 August
August 3, 2001 UK: RIRA car bomb wounds six near London railway station
July 27, 2001 SPAIN: Bomb outside of Barcelona bank wounds three; GRAPO suspected
July 24, 2001 SRI LANKA: LTTE attack on international airport and adjoining air force base kills 18, wounds 12, and damages 24 aircraft
July 23, 2001 INDIA: Bicycle bomb kills five soldiers and two civilians; Kashmir militants suspected
July 10, 2001 SPAIN: GETA car bomb attack kills one and wounds 12 in Madrid
July 5, 2001 SRI LANKA: Government invokes tough terrorism laws to combat LTTE
June 22, 2001 COLOMBIA: ELN member Gerardo Herrera and others are arrested in foreign oil worker’s kidnapping and murder
June 21, 2001 US: Court indicts 13 members of Saudi Hizballah and one Lebanese Hizballah member for 1996 bombing of Khobar Towers that killed 19 US airmen
June 20, 2001 INDIA: LT leader Omar Abdullah Makki and associate killed; five others wounded near Srinagar
June 15, 2001 INDIA: Sudanese citizen Abdul Rauf Hawash and Indian national Shameem Sarvar arrested for plotting to blow up US Embassy in New Delhi on Usama Bin Ladin’s orders
June 12, 2001 PHILIPPINES: ASG claims beheading of US hostage Guillermo Sobero; confirmed in October 2001
June 12, 2001 JORDAN: Abu Nidal, three others stand trial in absentia for 1994 murder of Jordanian diplomat in Lebanon
June 8, 2001 INDIA: Four killed and 50 wounded in grenade attack on Kashmir mosque by unknown attacker
June 6, 2001 CANADA: Bomb maker Singh Reyat charged in 1985 Air India bombing and jailed in Japan
June 5, 2001 SRI LANKA: LTTE attack on army camp kills 10
June 1, 2001 ISRAEL: HAMAS claims responsibility for Tel Aviv disco suicide bomb that kills 20 and wounds 120
May 30, 2001 JAPAN: Japanese Red Army (JRA) founder, Fusako Shigenobu, announces JRA dissolution, regrouping as legal organization
May 27, 2001 PHILIPPINES: HASG kidnaps 20, including three Americans—Martin and Gracia Burnham and Guillermo Sobero—in raid on Dos Palmas resort off Palawan Island
May 25, 2001 ISRAEL: HAMAS and PIJ detonate two bombs at bus station on anniversary of Israeli pullout from Lebanon in 2000, killing the three suicide attackers and wounding 45 Israelis
May 22, 2001 PHILIPPINES: ASG rebels raid beach resort on Samal Island, Davao, killing two and wounding three
May 12, 2001 SPAIN: ETA car bomb in central Madrid wounds 14 on eve of Basque vote
May 9, 2001 AFGHANISTAN: Taliban close four UN offices in retaliation for the imposition of UN sanctions
May 6, 2001 SPAIN: Politician Manuel Jimenez killed in attack in Zaragoza; ETA blamed
April 26, 2001 COLOMBIA: Government withdraws troops and allows ELN to claim territory
April 6, 2001 US: Algerian Ahmed Ressam convicted for role in plot to attack Los Angeles International Airport on 31 December 1999
April 2, 2001 GAZA STRIP: PIJ official Muhammad ‘Abd al-Il‘al killed in Israeli rocket attack
March 27, 2001 ALGERIA: Abdelmajid Dahoumane arrested for role in plot to attack Los Angeles International Airport on 31 December 1999
March 22, 2001 RUSSIA: Aleksandr Suslikov sentenced to six years for US Embassy bombing attempt in Moscow
March 15, 2001 TURKEY: Russian plane hijacked; 45 of 174 hostages freed or escape. Two hostages and one hijacker killed, remaining hostages released
March 1, 2001 UK: 21 groups banned under new terrorism law; LTTE office first to be closed
February 19, 2001 UK: Terrorism Act 2000 enacted
February 5, 2001 ALGERIA & FRANCE: Countries sign accord to cooperate in fighting terrorism
February 1, 2001 ECUADOR: US hostage Ron Sanders found shot to death
January 31, 2001 NETHERLANDS: Scottish court finds Libyan ‘Abd al-Baset al-Megrahi guilty in Pan Am 103 bombing
January 23, 2001 YEMEN: Hijacking of Yemeni flight with 91 passengers, including US Ambassador; hijacker captured and passengers safely released
January 9, 2001 COLOMBIA: Army rescues 56 hostages from ELN; group captures 15 more and kills one
January 1, 2001 ISRAEL: HAMAS suicide car bomb wounds 54 in Netanya

December 31, 2000 WEST BANK: Right-wing extremist Binyamin Kahane and wife killed in ambush by members of Force 17
December 30, 2000 PHILIPPINES: Series of bombs in Manila kills 16 and wounds at least 30; ASG suspected
December 29, 2000 COLOMBIA: Peace advocate Diego Turbay and six others killed in FARC ambush
Yemen Bombing of USS Cole OCTOBER 12, 2000 Bombing of USS Cole off Yemen coast kills 17 and wounds 39; Usama Bin Ladin and al-Qa'ida responsible
April 23, 2000 SRI LANKA: LTTE conducts suicide motorcade ambush; 29 killed, 70 wounded
March 10, 2000 SRI LANKA: LTTE conducts suicide motorcade ambush; 29 killed, 70 wounded
February 13, 2000 COLOMBIA: FARC, ELN stage attacks, kill 12, kidnap 16
February 9, 2000 TURKEY: PKK announces formal halt to war; adopts new name, Kongra-Gel, and reelects Abdullah Ocalan as leader
February 6, 2000 UK: Ariana Afghan Air flight hijacked; 20 hostages released unharmed; hijackers surrender on 10 February
February 3, 2000 SYRIA & SUDAN: Countries sign agreement on fighting terrorism in compliance with Arab Antiterrorism Convention
January 12, 2000 TURKEY: Execution of PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan stayed

December 20, 1999 ECUADOR: Seven Canadians and one US hostage freed by FARC
December 18, 1999 SRI LANKA: Suicide bomber at election rally kills 23 and wounds 100, including the President; bomb attack at opposition rally kills 11; LTTE blamed in both cases
September 8, 1999 RUSSIA: Bombing of Moscow apartment building kills 94; Islamic Dagestan Liberation Army claims responsibility
September 4, 1999 RUSSIA: Bombing of apartment building in Dagestan kills 64
September 2, 1999 SRI LANKA: LTTE suicide bomber kills top Tamil militia leader who supported Sri Lankan Army
August 28, 1999 YEMEN: Car bomb kills six and wounds 12; Islamic Army of Aden-Abyan suspected
August 21, 1999 PAKISTAN: Two Mohajir Qaumi Movement (MQM) members sentenced to die for murder of four US citizens
July 21, 1999 SPAIN: Government releases two former ETA leaders in hope of ending years of killing in Basque country
July 13, 1999 INDIA: Muslim militants storm Kashmir paramilitary camp; four killed and 12 kidnapped
June 29, 1999 TURKEY: PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan sentenced to be hanged for treason
June 4, 1999 TURKEY: Police kill two DHKP/C terrorists preparing to attack US Consulate in Istanbul
May 20, 1999 TURKEY: Ex-PKK deputy Semdin Sakik sentenced to death for treason
May 11, 1999 INDIA: Death sentence upheld for four of 26 convicted in conspiracy to kill Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi
April 27, 1999 GREECE: Anti-NATO bombing in hotel kills one and wounds one; Revolutionary Cells responsible
March 13, 1999 TURKEY: Bombing at shopping center kills three and wounds six; Revenge Falcons of Apo claims responsibility
March 12, 1999 COLOMBIA: FARC leader Vladimir Gonzales Obregon killed by Army
March 11, 1999 COLOMBIA: FARC founders Miguel Pascua and Commandante Oscar killed during raid in Cali
March 7, 1999 BANGLADESH: Two bombs kill 10 and wound 75 at political meeting; Harakat-ul-Jihad backed by Bin Ladin suspected
March 6, 1999 VENEZUELA: Bodies of three US peace activists found; FARC responsible
March 4, 1999 TURKEY: Suspected PKK suicide bomber kills three in Batman
February 15, 1999 TURKEY: PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan arrested and returned to Turkey; arrest sparks Kurdish protests across Europe
January 22, 1999 FRANCE: GIA ringleaders sentenced to eight years for terrorist acts; 84 others sentenced in mass trial

December 19, 1998 PHILIPPINES: Libyan-trained ASG leader Abdurajak Abubaker Janjalani dies in gunfight with authorities on Basilan Island
January 8, 1998 US: Ramzi Ahmed Yousef is sentenced to life plus 240 years for World Trade Center bombings in 1993

December 1, 1997 INDIA: Authorities arrest Ghulam Nabi Baba, leader of Harakat-ul-Ansar, accused of involvement in kidnapping of six Western tourists
November 17, 1997 EGYPT: Al-Gama‘at al-Islamiyya attack at Temple of Hatshepsut in Luxor leaves 71 dead
November 12, 1997 PAKISTAN: Four US citizens and one Pakistani driver killed in Karachi ambush
October 16, 1997 SRI LANKA: LTTE truck bomb at hotel next to Trade Center in Colombo kills 18 and wounds more than 100, including seven US citizens
October 15, 1997 EGYPT: Three EIJ leaders are sentenced to death for terrorist acts
September 18, 1997 EGYPT: Bomb attack on Cairo tourist bus by two Muslim militants kills nine Germans
July 30, 1997 ISRAEL: Double suicide attack kills 16 and wounds 150 in Jerusalem; HAMAS responsible
June 9, 1997 EGYPT: Suspected leader of al-Gama‘at al-Islamiyya, Mustafa Abu-Rawwash, killed in Cairo; 40 members arrested
May 29, 1997 US: Mohammed Abouhalima found guilty of aiding his brother in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing
May 28, 1997 GREECE: Shipowner Constantinos Peratikos slain in ambush by 17 November
April 22, 1997 PERU: Four-month hostage situation at Japanese Ambassador's residence ends with 17 dead, 71 freed; MRTA responsible

December 17, 1996 PERU: MRTA rebels take 700 hostages at the Japanese Ambassador’s residence in Lima; all rebels killed in successful rescue
November 23, 1996 COMOROS: Hijacked Ethiopian plane crashes, killing 127 including one American
October 3, 1996 GREECE: Bomb explodes under car of Greek NATO officer in Athens; 17 November blamed
August 23, 1996 WORLDWIDE: Usama Bin Ladin issues first declaration of war against the United States and the West, calling for the death of Americans wherever they are found
June 25, 1996 SAUDI ARABIA: Bombing of Khobar Towers in Dhahran; 19 US airmen killed; Saudi and Lebanese Hizballah responsible
January 5, 1996 GAZA STRIP: HAMAS bomb maker Yahya Ayyash (“The Engineer”) is killed by booby-trapped cell phone

November 19, 1995 PAKISTAN: Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad bombed by EIJ
November 13, 1995 SAUDI ARABIA: Car bomb at US military advisors’ facility in Riyadh kills seven, wounds more than 60; Saudis with ties to Bin Ladin arrested
October 26, 1995 MALTA: Palestine Islamic Jihad leader Fathi al-Shaqaqi killed by unknown assassin
October 17, 1995 FRANCE: Paris Metro bombing wounds 30; GIA suspected
October 1, 1995 US: Shaykh Umar ‘Abd al-Rahman convicted in plot to blow up UN Headquarters and other landmarks in New York
September 7, 1995 FRANCE: Car bomb explodes outside Jewish school in Lyon, wounding 14; GIA suspected
August 29, 1995 GEORGIA: President Shevardnadze wounded in car-bomb attack
August 21, 1995 ISRAEL: HAMAS bomber kills five, wounds 100 on Jerusalem bus
August 17, 1995 FRANCE: Bomb explodes near Arc de Triomphe in Paris, wounding 17
July 25, 1995 FRANCE: Bombing at Paris Saint-Michel Metro station is first of seven others conducted over next three months; altogether 8 killed, 157 wounded; GIA responsible
July 8, 1995 INDIA: Al-Faran guerrillas kidnap Norwegian H.C. Ostroe and German Dirk Hasert in Kashmir
July 4, 1995 INDIA: Al-Faran guerrillas kidnap two UK citizens and two US citizens in Kashmir
June 26, 1995 ETHIOPIA: Egyptian President Mubarak escapes assassination attempt; al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya responsible
June 16, 1995 FRANCE: Six Iranians sentenced to life imprisonment for 1991 assassination of former Iranian prime minister
April 19, 1995 US: Truck bomb explodes at Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, killing 168 and wounding hundreds; Timothy McVeigh found guilty and executed 11 June 2001
March 20, 1995 JAPAN: Sarin attack kills 12 and sickens 5,000; Aum Shinrikyo responsible
March 8, 1995 PAKISTAN: Gunmen kill two US diplomats and wound one in Karachi

December 26, 1994 FRANCE: Paratroopers storm hijacked Air France jet in Marseille, killing hijackers and freeing passengers
August 14, 1994 SUDAN: “Carlos the Jackal” arrested and extradited to France, where he is sentenced in December 1997 to life in prison
July 18, 1994 ARGENTINA: Buenos Aires Jewish Community Center bombed, killing 85 and wounding hundreds; Hizballah responsible
June 27, 1994 JAPAN: Sarin gas attack kills seven and wounds 600 in Matsumoto; Aum Shinrikyo responsible
February 25, 1994 ISRAEL: Settler Baruch Goldstein kills 39 Arab worshipers, wounds another 125, at Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron

October 11, 1993 NORWAY: Norwegian publisher of The Satanic Verses is shot three times by unknown gunman but survives
August 16, 1993 GERMANY: Authorities storm KLM plane hijacked by Egyptian Islamic Jihad after last two hostages escape through cockpit window
May 1, 1993 SRI LANKA: Suicide bomber kills President Premadasa during May Day celebration
March 12, 1993 INDIA: Bomb attacks leave 250 dead, 700 wounded; Pakistan denies responsibility
February 26, 1993 US: World Trade Center bombed, six killed and 1,000 wounded
US Aimal Kasi JANUARY, 25, 1993 MCLEAN, VA: Aimal Kasi kills two and wounds three outside CIA Headquarters in McLean, Virginia

December 29, 1992 YEMEN: Few casualties in bombing of Gold Mohur Hotel in Aden; incident is believed to be first attack by al-Qa‘ida against US interests
September 17, 1992 GERMANY: Four Iranian Kurds killed in Berlin’s Mykonos restaurant
March 17, 1992 ARGENTINA: Car bomb destroys Israeli Embassy, killing 28 and wounding 220; Lebanese Hizballah claims responsibility
February 16, 1992 LEBANON: Hizballah General Secretary Abbas Musawi killed in helicopter ambush

August 6, 1991 FRANCE: Former Iranian Prime Minister Shapur Bakhtiar and his assistant assassinated in Paris
July 13, 1991 JAPAN: Hiroshi Igarashi, Japanese translator of The Satanic Verses, assassinated by unknown gunman
May 21, 1991 INDIA: Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and several others killed by female LTTE suicide bomber
February 7, 1991 UK: Attack on No. 10 Downing Street; mortar rounds fired at Prime Minister John Major’s residence wound three; PIRA responsible
January 17, 1991 IRAQ: Operation Desert Storm air offensive begins

August 02, 1990 IRAQ: Invasion of Kuwait begins

November 30, 1989 GERMANY: Alfred Herrhausen, head of Deutsche Bank AG, assassinated; Red Army Faction suspected
September 19, 1989 FRANCE: UTA Flight 772 to Paris explodes over Niger, killing 170; Libya held responsible
June 3, 1989 IRAN: Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini dies after 10-year rule
May 17, 1989 WEST GERMANY: Court convicts Muhammed Ali Hamadei of hijacking TWA flight 847 in 1985

December 21, 1988 UK: Pan Am Flight 103 destroyed by bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland; all 259 passengers and 11 on ground killed; Libya responsible
July 11, 1988 GREECE: Attack on island ferry City of Poros kills nine and wounds dozens; ANO responsible
June 28, 1988 GREECE: US Defense Attaché, Navy Captain William Nordeen, assassinated in Athens by 17 November
April 5, 1988 ALGERIA: Hizballah hijacks Kuwait Airways flight from Thailand, killing two passengers; standoff ends 16 days later with remaining hostages released

December 14, 1987 WEST BANK: Founding of the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS) by Shaykh Ahmad Yasin
November 8, 1987 UK: Thirteen killed by PIRA bomb during Remembrance Day celebration
September 27, 1987 GREECE: US commissary bombed, killing one; Revolutionary Popular Struggle (ELA) responsible
August 10, 1987 GREECE: 17 November detonates bomb near bus carrying US airmen; 10 wounded
January 24, 1987 LEBANON: Jesse Turner, Alan Steen, Robert Polhill, and Mithileshwar Singh kidnapped in Beirut
January 13, 1987 WEST GERMANY: Mohammed Ali Hamadei arrested at Frankfurt airport; charged with the 14 June 1985 hijacking of TWA flight 847 and with the murder of a passenger, US Navy diver Robert Stethem; Hamadei was sentenced to life in prison, released in 2005, and is believed to be in Lebanon

September 14, 1986 SOUTH KOREA: Bomb at Kimpo airport kills five and wounds 29; North Korea blamed
September 6, 1986 TURKEY: ANO kills 21 in attack on Istanbul synagogue
September 5, 1986 PAKISTAN: ANO terrorists hijack Pan Am flight 73 in Karachi; 20 passengers killed, more than 100 wounded
April 15, 1986 SUDAN: US Embassy communicator shot and wounded in Khartoum
April 14, 1986 LIBYA: US planes bomb Tripoli and Benghazi in retaliation for La Belle disco bombing on 4 April
April 4, 1986 WEST GERMANY: La Belle disco in West Berlin bombed, killing three and wounding 200; Libyan operatives responsible
April 2, 1986 GREECE: Bomb explodes on TWA flight 840, killing four and wounding nine; Arab Revolutionary Cells claims responsibility

December 27, 1985 ITALY/AUSTRIA: ANO group attacks Rome and Vienna airports; 18 dead and 121 wounded
November 23, 1985 GREECE: Egyptian plane hijacked to Malta; 56 killed during attempted rescue; ANO responsible
November 7, 1985 COLOMBIA: More than 100 die in M-19 seizure of Supreme Court building
October 7, 1985 MEDITERRANEAN: Hijacking of Achille Lauro cruise ship; one US citizen killed
June 23, 1985 CANADA: Bomb explodes on Air India flight 182, killing 329; Sikhs Ripudaman Singh Malik and Ajaib Singh Bagri held responsible and captured on 28 October 2001
June 14, 1985 GREECE: Two Hizballah members hijack TWA flight 847 and murder US Navy diver, Robert Stethem, in Beirut; other hostages released, hijackers escape
June 11, 1985 LEBANON: Jordanian flight to Amman hijacked, hostages freed the next day; plane destroyed, hijackers escape
May 8, 1985 SPAIN: Firebombing of US Citibank and Xerox buildings
March 16, 1985 LEBANON: US journalist Terry Anderson kidnapped
February 28, 1985 UK: PIRA kills nine police officers in mortar attack

December 3, 1984 UAE: Hizballah’s Islamic Jihad Organization hijacks plane bound for Tehran; two US officials killed
November 25, 1984 PORTUGAL: US Embassy hit by four mortar rounds; 25 April Movement responsible
October 31, 1984 INDIA: Prime Minister Indira Gandhi assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards; many Sikhs killed in retaliation for her death
September 20, 1984 LEBANON: Islamic Jihad Organization responsible for truck bomb at US Embassy annex in Beirut; 23 killed
March 16, 1984 LEBANON: US official William Buckley seized, later killed by Hizballah

Decmeber 16, 1983 UK: PIRA bombs Harrods department store in London, killing nine including one US citizen, and wounding 91 others
Decmeber 12, 1983 KUWAIT: US and French embassies bombed, killing six and wounding 80; Hizballah responsible
Decmeber 2, 1983 SPAIN: Basque group Iraultza bombs eight US facilities in Spanish Basque territory to protest US involvement in Central America
November 15, 1983 GREECE: US Navy Captain George Tsantes killed in Athens; 17 November responsible
October 23, 1983 LEBANON: Islamic Jihad bombs US Marine barracks in Beirut, killing 241 US Marines and 58 French paratroopers
October 9, 1983 BURMA: North Korean commandos attack South Korean state delegation visiting Rangoon, killing 21 Burmese and Korean officials
September 23, 1983 UAE: Omani Gulf Aircraft bombed; 111 killed, including one US citizen
August 25, 1983 WEST GERMANY: Carlos-led group bombs French cultural center in West Berlin, killing one and wounding 23
April 18, 1983 LEBANON: Car bomb explodes in front of US Embassy, killing 63 and wounding over 100; Hizballah responsible

April 3, 1982 FRANCE: Lebanese Armed Revolutionary Brigades assassinate Israeli Embassy political secretary
January 28, 1982 ITALY: Police rescue US Army Brigadier General James Dozier, kidnapped by Red Brigades on 17 December 1981
January 18, 1982 LEBANON: Malcolm Kerr, American University president, assassinated in Beirut; Islamic Jihad claims responsibility

December 17, 1981 ITALY: US Army Brigadier General James Dozier kidnapped by Red Brigades in Verona, rescued unharmed on 28 January 1982
October 20, 1981 BELGIUM: Antwerp synagogue bombed, killing two and wounding 99
October 6, 1981 EGYPT: President Sadat assassinated by Egyptian Islamic Jihad
September 15, 1981 WEST GERMANY: US Army General Frederick Kroesen injured in RPG attack in Heidelberg; "Kommando Gudrun Ensslin" of Red Army Faction claims responsibility
May 13, 1981 ITALY: Mehmet Ali Agca attempts assassination of Pope John Paul II
January 20, 1981 IRAN: Remaining 52 US Embassy hostages seized in November 1979 released

May 18, 1980 PERU: Sendero Luminoso (Shining Path) begins terrorist operations
February 27, 1980 COLOMBIA: M-19 seizes Dominican Embassy, holds 20 ambassadors and 65 others hostage; last hostage released 21 April

November 22, 1979 PAKISTAN: False rumors of US takeover of Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, fuel Islamic militants’ attack on US Embassy in Islamabad
November 4, 1979 IRAN: US Embassy in Tehran seized, 66 taken hostage
May 31, 1979 WEST GERMANY: Red Army Faction member Irmgard Moeller sentenced to life in prison for attacks on US Army headquarters in Heidelberg

May 16, 1978 ITALY: Statesman Aldo Moro murdered by Red Brigades

March 9, 1977 US: Group of Hanafi Muslims seizes three buildings in Washington, D.C; siege ends two days later with 149 hostages released, journalist and police officer killed

July 4, 1976 UGANDA: Israelis raid Entebbe, rescue 246 hijacked hostages; three hostages and all hijackers killed
June 27, 1976 GREECE: Air France flight hijacked by PFLP; two hostages and one hijacker are killed

December 23, 1975 GREECE: CIA station chief Richard Welch killed by gunmen in Athens; 17 November responsible
December 21, 1975 AUSTRIA: “Carlos the Jackal” kidnaps 11 OPEC ministers in Vienna; three die
August 24, 1975 FRANCE: Turkish ambassador to France and driver killed in Paris; Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia responsible

March 2, 1974 SUDAN: US ambassador Cleo A. Noel, Jr., and deputy chief of mission George C. Moore assassinated by Black September after attack on Saudi Embassy in Khartoum the previous day

November 17, 1973 GREECE: Student uprising quashed by military and riot police, multiple dead and wounded; 17 November takes its name from this incident
October 6, 1973 MIDDLE EAST: Yom Kippur War begins
March 7, 1973 US: Vehicle bombs defused at El Al terminal at Kennedy Airport, the First Israel Bank and Trust Company, and the Israel Discount Bank in New York City; member of Black September arrested in 1991, sentenced to 30 years in prison

December 28, 1972 THAILAND: Black September takes hostages and seizes Israeli Embassy; hostages released in return for safe conduct
October 29, 1972 WEST GERMANY: Three Black September terrorists hijack Lufthansa plane and demand release of those who committed 1972 Olympics massacre; hijackers are captured but all later released
September 5, 1972 WEST GERMANY: Israeli athletes held hostage at Munich Olympics by Black September; 11 killed on 6 September
May 30, 1972 ISRAEL: Three members of JRA, acting on behalf of PFLP, kill 24 and wound 78 in attack on (now) Ben Gurion International Airport


September 1, 1970 JORDAN: Palestinian guerrillas expelled from country; Black September takes its name from this day
February 21, 1970 ISRAEL: PFLP-GC bombing of Swissair jet kills 47

February 22, 1969 SYRIA: Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine founded
image collage of terrorism events