Ref Book - Introduction

On behalf of the Director of National Intelligence, I am pleased to make available the updated Winter 2012 Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book. We have expanded and updated the Reference Book to reflect legal developments since the previous edition was published in 2009 and in response to comments received from the Intelligence Community to that edition. Additionally, we are pleased to announce there will be an online version coming soon, which will offer a searchable version of the book and additional reference materials.  We encourage you to use the resource once available.

The Intelligence Community draws much of its authority and guidance from the body of law contained in this collection. We hope this proves to be a useful resource to professionals across the federal government.

This new edition is the result of many hours of hard work. I would like to extend my thanks to those across the Community who assisted the Office of General Counsel in recommending and preparing the authorities contained herein.  I hope you find this book a valuable addition to your library and a useful tool as you carry out your vital mission.

                                                                        Robert S. Litt
                                                                        General Counsel
                                                                        Winter 2012

About This Book

The documents presented in this book have been updated to incorporate all amendments made since the Summer 2009 version through January 3, 2012, at which point the documents were, where possible, verified against the United States Code maintained by The Library of Congress and Westlaw.  The text of these documents should be cited as “as amended.”

All documents in this book are UNCLASSIFIED.

This compilation was a significant effort and required many judgments concerning what text to include and how to organize the book.  We welcome your thoughts for improving future versions.