What We Do

Chief Financial Officer - What We Do

The Chief Finanical Officer's responsibilities include:

  • Lead for the NIP budget guidance:  Draft performance, procedural, and fiscal guidance
  • Advise DNI and senior leadership: Provide strategy for budget formulation, justification, and execution
  • Build and defend the NIP budget:  Develop DNI Decision Documents, CBJB, budget testimony, appeals, supplemental appropriations, OMB Topline Requests, and lead IC IPBS Reviews
  • Manage budget performance planning:  Develop IC Annual Report, quarterly scorecard, metrics, and lead IC performance reviews
  • Ensure effective execution of the NIP budget:  Prepare apportionment documents, reprogramming actions, and quarterly Congressional budget execution report; lead IC Execution Reviews
  • Participate in the development of the Military Intelligence Program
  • Lead IC financial auditability efforts: Coordinate Agency Financial Reports
  • Develop IC financial management policy guidelines and standards
  • Maintain the “IRIS” resource data base and ensure data integrity
  • Support ODNI requirements for NIP resource information and collaborate with ODNI staff
  • Liaise with the IC, OMB, DoD, and Congress on budget matters