Global Trends 2030: International Media Coverage

Global Trends 2030: International Media Coverage

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Domestic News Coverage

US intelligence sees rising middle class, but also growing conflict over water, food by 2030 - Washington Post

Report sees middle class growing, Islamist terrorism subsiding by 2030 - Washington Post

The coming realignment of world powers, foretold in charts - Washington Post

U.S. Forecast as No. 2 Economy but Energy Independent - New York Times

Report Predicts Less Global Poverty, Scarcer Resources - Wall Street Journal

Spies see poverty down, but resource fights ahead - Associated Press

U.S. Intelligence Agencies See a Different World in 2030 - Bloomberg

Where Will You Be in 2030, America? - Bloomberg

U.S. intelligence sees Asia's global power rising by 2030 - Reuters

America’s second chance at global leadership - Reuters

U.S. to face 2030 as 'first among equals,' report projects - CNN Security Clearance

A maturity test for America's foreign policy community - Foreign Policy

Global Trends 2030: Scenarios for Asia’s strategic future - Foreign Policy

U.S. Spies See Superhumans, Instant Cities by 2030 - Wired

China, India, Brazil to emerge as key global players by 2030: US report - New York Daily News

Intelligence community: U.S. out as sole superpower by 2030 - Politico

Global Trends 2030: Worldwide conflicts over water, U.S. to remain superpower -

U.S. Intel Report: China to Overtake U.S. Economy by 2030 - FoxBusiness

The world of 2030: U.S. declines; food, water may be scarce - The Ticket,

US to Lose #1 Economic Ranking to China by 2030: Study - Yahoo Finance

In a single chart, why the US will continue to be first among equals in 2030 - Yahoo Finance

China Seen as World's Largest Economy by 2030 - NASDAQ

What the world will be like in 2030 - CNET, Smarter Planet

Study predicts rise of a global middle class - Los Angeles Times

The World in 2030 Won't Look Anything Like You Think - The Atlantic

Report Sees Change in US Global Status - Voice of America

China's Economy to Outgrow United States' by 2030 - Mother Jones

National Intelligence Council Forecasts Megatrends -

Report on Global Trends Discusses Game Changers -

US intel sees India as rising economic powerhouse in 2030 - MSN News

U.S. Intelligence Report Says Islamist Terrorism ‘Could End by 2030’ - CNS News

Imagining the World in 2030: “Driven by new technologies, nonstate actors take the lead in confronting global challenges.” -

Global Trends 2030: U.S. Leadership in a Post-Western World - Scientific American

Shaping the world of 2030 - Christian Science Monitor

Global power will shift by 2030 - Center for Public Integrity

Plague or Plenty? New Report Envisions the World in 2030 - The Daily Beast

Intelligence report predicts IT in 2030, a world of cyborgs with Asia as top power - NetworkWorld

US National Intelligence Council forecasts a radically transformed world by the 2030s - The Verge

U.S. sees tech's 'center of gravity' shifting to Asia - Computerworld

Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds - Kurzweil AI

Spy Agency Predicts Megahumans By 2030 - Discovery News


Foreign News Coverage

A top ten for business leaders - The Economist

U.S. intelligence sees Asia's global power rising by 2030 - CNBC Moneycontrol

US sees India as rising economic powerhouse in 2030 - The Economic Times

China, India, Brazil to emerge as key global players by 2030: US report - Times of India

‘Asia to overtake North America, Europe in global power by 2030′ - Firstpost, India

US intelligence sees India as economic powerhouse in 2030, China distant 'memory' - The Indian Express

US 'first among equals' in 2030 - Bangkok Post

US report sees Asia's global power rising by 2030 - China Standard

Asia's global power rising by '30: US report - The China Post

US Intel sees Kurdistan dividing Turkey - Macenonian International News Agency