Who We Are

National Intelligence Council (NIC)

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Who We Are

Within the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), the NIC carries out its mission under the direction of the Deputy Director for Mission Integration, who delivers a more integrated Intelligence Community (IC), and the NIC Chair, who leads a cadre of National Intelligence Officers (NIOs) that serve as the substantive experts on regional and functional issues within the IC.


What We Do

Since its establishment in 1979, the NIC has served as a unique bridge between the intelligence and policy communities. Today the NIC supports the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) in her role as head of the IC and is the Community’s center for strategic, rigorous, and objective estimative all-source analysis. On behalf of the Council, the NIOs:

  • promote exemplary use of analytic tradecraft, including through analysis of alternatives and other advanced analytic techniques and tools
  • coordinate the assessments of the entire IC, including through National Intelligence Estimates
  • represent the IC at interagency policy meetings hosted by the National Security Council and prepare IC principals for national security discussions
  • engage with non-government experts in academia, the private sector, and civil society to gain knowledge and insight to sharpen the level of debate about critical issues



Although most of the NIC’s work is classified, the NIC also produces or commissions unclassified reports, many of which can be found in the documents section of this page. This includes Global Trends 2040: A More Contested World, published in 2021. Every four years since 1997, the NIC publishes an assessment of the key trends and developments likely to shape the strategic environment for the United States during the next two decades.