Director of National Intelligence Avril D. Haines Releases the 2023 National Intelligence Strategy for the Intelligence Community

Director of National Intelligence Avril D. Haines Releases the 2023 National Intelligence Strategy for the Intelligence Community


ODNI News Release No. 22-23

August 10, 2023


Director of National Intelligence Avril D. Haines Releases
the 2023 National Intelligence Strategy for the Intelligence Community


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Director of National Intelligence Avril D. Haines today released the 2023 National Intelligence Strategy (NIS), which provides strategic direction for the Intelligence Community (IC) over the next four years.


“The National Intelligence Strategy articulates what the Intelligence Community will need to cultivate to be effective in the future: an information and technological edge, a broad array of partnerships, and a talented and diverse workforce as we pursue our vision of an IC that embodies America’s values,” said Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines. “It also highlights the expanding role of the IC in supporting the resilience of our national critical infrastructure and that of our allies and partners.”


The six goals outlined in this NIS reflect key elements of the current strategic environment: the centrality of strategic competition between the United States and the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the Russian Federation; the growing importance of emerging technologies, supply chains, and economic statecraft to national security; the increasing influence of sub-national and non-state actors; and the challenges stemming from the convergence of shared global challenges, such as climate change and health security.


The NIS is a foundational document for the IC and reflects the input of leaders from each of the 18 intelligence elements, as it directs the operations, investments, and priorities of the collective.


Additional IC leaders shared the following statements on the strategy’s announcement.


Director Bill Burns, Central Intelligence Agency:


“Today’s world is increasingly complicated and contested, and one in which humanity faces both peril and promise. We are in a transformative era marked by strategic competition, rapid technological change, and increasingly worrisome transnational threats. To meet this moment, we in the Intelligence Community must be agile and innovative.


“The National Intelligence Strategy lays out how we must approach the transforming world in order to provide needed and timely insights by emphasizing the importance of investing in partnerships, technological innovation, diverse talent, and expertise to address issues from competition with China to climate change and global food insecurity.”


General Paul Nakasone, Director, National Security Agency:


“Our efforts to better understand the PRC’s intents and actions require the combined efforts of the IC, our allies, and partners. Together, we are developing capacity, capability, and resiliency to meet the pacing challenges of our nation and partners. The 2023 National Intelligence Strategy is geared toward making this process a robust reality.


“The NIS recognizes a growing competition between democracies and autocracies. Competition spurs innovation, fresh thinking, and, when necessary, action. The NIS identifies six priority goals that will protect not only our nation but also our partners in the years ahead.”


Director Chris Wray, Federal Bureau of Investigation:


“The FBI and our Intelligence Community partners are constantly working to anticipate new threats to our national security and how to counter those challenges. The new National Intelligence Strategy is a vital guide for all members of the IC.


“We face an ever-growing list of challenges and threats to the Homeland, including China’s determined efforts to reshape the international order and threaten democratic ideals, cyberattacks and supply chain disruptions by hostile foreign nations and cyber criminals, and narcotics trafficking. As the strategy recognizes, partnerships, innovation, and building and retaining a talented and diverse workforce are the key to successfully answering the threats we face now and in the future.”


United as a Community, the 18 intelligence elements will work together to ensure the IC is sufficiently agile, integrated, innovative, and resilient to inform national security and foreign policy decisions, resulting in a Nation that is secure and prosperous.