ICIG Features

ICIG Features

ICIG Features

Semiannual Report


This Report summarizes the work of the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI). The inspections, investigations, and other activities highlighted in these reports are guided by our commitment to promote accountability, efficiency, and effectiveness in the programs and operations of the ODNI and of the Intelligence Community as a whole.





Report on Intelligence Community Whistleblower Matters & Harmonization of Processes and Procedures




ODNI's FY19 Compliance with the Improper Payments Elimination and Recovery Act of 2010 (IPERA)


A Federal agency cannot retaliate against an employee or applicant because that individual exercises his or her rights under any of the Federal antidiscrimination or whistleblower protection laws listed above. If you believe that you are the victim of retaliation for engaging in protected activity, you must follow, as appropriate, the procedures described in the Antidiscrimination Laws and Whistleblower Protection Laws sections or, if applicable, the administrative or negotiated grievance procedures in order to pursue any legal remedy.


Visit IC Whistleblower website

The Intelligence Community Inspectors General Forum's mission is to promote and further collaboration, cooperation and coordination among the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community of the United States. The forum is led by the IC IG and includes CIA, DHS, DIA, DoD, DOE, DOJ, State, Treasury, NGA, NRO, and NSA.


The IC IG forum members meet quarterly to discuss issues of common concern, and to plan how to address them collaboratively. The forum's objectives include:

  • Supporting the IC IGs in the performance of audits, inspections, evaluations and investigations within their respective departments and agencies;
  • Strengthening the collective role and effectiveness of IG's throughout the Intelligence Community and to enhance the value of IGs' activities in support of the National Intelligence Strategy; and
  • Achieving optimal utilization of resources, to increase efficiency and to avoid duplication of effort among the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community.

IC IG Forum Calendar


  • Mar 2: IC IG Forum Quarterly Meeting
  • Jun 1: IC IG Forum Quarterly Meeting
  • Sep 7 (TBD): IC IG Forum Quarterly Meeting
  • Dec 7: IC IG Forum Quarterly Meeting


Federal Government Employees have an affirmative legal obligation to disclose waste, fraud, abuse, and corruption to appropriate authorities.

Executive Order 12731, § 101(k) (Oct. 17, 1990);
5 C.F.R. § 2635.101(b)(11), Basic Obligations of Public Service

PPEIC Square

Principles of Professional Ethics for the IC

"We are responsible stewards of the public trust; we use intelligence authorities and resources prudently, protect intelligence sources and methods diligently, report wrongdoing through appropriate channels; and remain accountable to ourselves, our oversight institutions, and through those institutions, ultimately to the American people."

How to Report Waste, Fraud, and Abuse


Phone: 1-855-731-3260

Fax:      1-571-204-8088

Mail:     Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community,
                 Investigations Division, Reston 3, Washington, D.C. 20511

Email:    Fill out the Hotline Intake Form, then email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
To request an External Review Panel, fill out the ERP Form.
To report a matter of urgent concern, fill out the Urgent Concern Disclosure Form.
Adobe Reader is recommended (supports filling in form fields).


What is reportable?

The IC IG is authorized to investigate complaints or information concerning allegations of a violation of law, rule, regulation, waste, fraud, abuse of authority, or a substantial or specific danger to public health and safety in connection with ODNI and/or IC intelligence programs and activities.


Can I be punished for contacting the IC IG?
Reprisal against an employee for making a complaint or disclosing information to the IC IG is prohibited. Those who believe they have been subjected to reprisal due to a complaint or disclosure, should contact the IC IG immediately. Protection from reprisal does not extend to an employee who makes a complaint or discloses information with knowledge that the complaint or information is false or with willful disregard for its truth or falsity.


Who will handle this allegation?
The IC IG reviews and assesses each allegation and determines if it should be handled by the IC IG or referred to another appropriate office for resolution.


Can I be anonymous?
Yes, you can report anonymously. However, it would help IC IG's review to have someone to contact for additional information. The IC IG will not disclose the identity of the complainant without their consent, unless the IC IG determines such disclosure is unavoidable in the course of carrying out its responsibilities to resolve the complaint. IC IG encourages you to identify yourself in your report to allow for follow up.

To report anonymously, you may call the IC IG at 855-731-3260 or submit a form online.


Looking for another IG's contact information, or not sure where to submit? Visit the Counsel of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency's reporting tool and questionnaire.

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