IC Inspectors General Forum

IC Inspectors General Forum

The Intelligence Community Inspectors General Forum's mission is to promote and further collaboration, cooperation and coordination among the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community of the United States. The forum is led by the IC IG and includes CIA, DHS, DIA, DoD, DOE, DOJ, State, Treasury, NGA, NRO, NSA and FBI.


The IC IG forum members meet quarterly to discuss issues of common concern, and to plan how to address them collaboratively. The forum's objectives include:

  • Supporting the IC IGs in the performance of audits, inspections, evaluations and investigations within their respective departments and agencies;
  • Strengthening the collective role and effectiveness of IG's throughout the Intelligence Community and to enhance the value of IGs' activities in support of the National Intelligence Strategy; and
  • Achieving optimal utilization of resources, to increase efficiency and to avoid duplication of effort among the Inspectors General of the Intelligence Community.


ICIG Forum Calendar



Feb 19: CIGIE monthly meeting

Feb 26: Investigations Committee meeting

Mar 5: ICIG Forum quarterly meeting

Mar 6: Inspections Committee meeting

Mar 19: CIGIE monthly meeting

Mar 28: ICIG Conference

April 16:  CIGIE monthly meeting

May 16-17:  CIGIE IG Conference (Richmond)

June 18:  CIGIE monthly meeting

July 16:  CIGIE monthly meeting

Aug 20:  CIGIE monthly meeting

Sept 24:  CIGIE monthly meeting

Oct 15:  CIGIE Awards Celebration Celebration (Reagan Auditorium)


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