Global Trends 2030

Global Trends 2030

National Intelligence Council

Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds

Global Trends 2030 is intended to stimulate thinking about the rapid and vast geopolitical changes characterizing the world today and possible global trajectories over the next 15 years.  In depth research, detailed modeling and a variety of analytical tools drawn from public, private and academic sources were employed in the production of this report.  Visit this page for continuing coverage of Global Trends 2030.

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This edition of Global Trends is the most widely disseminated in its history. The report is available for the most popular content platforms and e-readers. Brief talking points are available here.

Events & Live Coverage

On December 10th, 2012 at 1PM Eastern the Atlantic Council will kick off its Global Trends 2030: US Leadership in a Post-Western World, event. The two day conference is being held in partnership with the National Intelligence Council.

BEGINNING AT 1PM 12/10/2012:   View a live video stream of the Atlantic Council Global Trends event.

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Media Coverage

Global Trends has a global audience. We're keeping track of worldwide media coverage of the Global Trends 2030 report.

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Dr. Mathew J. Burrows, counselor, National Intelligence Counsel and principal author of the NIC's Global Trends 2030 report discusses "Alternative Worlds" in a series of ODNI videos.
To view Dr. Burrows Q&A responses, please vist ODNI's YouTube page.

Additional Resources

See additional research on natural resources used to support the NIC’s Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds