New Opportunities

New Opportunities

What Do We Look for in a Partner?


ODNI partners with private sector companies, financial institutions, foundations, academic institutions, non-governmental organizations, and think tanks because we know partnerships increase our shared impact.


No matter what type of entity you represent, we’re looking for:


    • Knowledge and Information: We look to collaborate with organizations that have specialized knowledge, information, and data. Together we can work to stay on the cutting-edge, using new tools, research, and methods.


    • Networks and People: An ideal partner not only brings their unique talents to our mission and programs, but also brings a like-minded network of associates that help us engage a wider group of stakeholders.


    • Innovation: We value new ideas, new approaches, and more effective and affordable products and services that help us work more productively.


    • Quantifiable Investment: We aim to use our public resources to attract additional investments. Whether through direct funding or other tangible contributions, we are looking for partners that want to invest with or alongside ODNI.


    • Aligned Values: We seek partners with shared objectives and track records of ethical practices.


    • Value Partnership: While partnership is a powerful tool for achieving shared goals, it is not always easy and requires flexibility and patience. We look for partners who are ready to co-create, learn with us, and continually reflect on how we can best achieve our individual interests and shared goals.


Stay Informed and Engaged


    • Outreach Events: ODNI convenes local roundtables with Chambers of Commerce, trade groups, associations, and interested private sector and civil society partners to discuss collaboration opportunities.


    • Front Door Opportunities: ODNI will occasionally host private sector technology demonstration events. Contact us by email if you are interested in events taking place or would like to highlight work you think would be relevant to the IC.


    • Invite Us! ODNI may also be able to come to your event and share information on our approach to partnering and current partnership opportunities. Contact us to let us know about your interests and events.