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Policy & Capabilities - Who We Are

Policy and Capabilities (P&C) is led by the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Policy and Capabilities, Charles Luftig.


  • IC Human Capital (IC HC) - Lead the design, development, and execution of human resources strategies, plans, and policies in support of the men and women who serve in our nation's intelligence agencies.  Oversee personnel policies and programs applicable to the IC; sets standards for IC education, training, and career development, including linguist education, recruitment, and training, as well as joint duty requirements and mechanisms to facilitate the rotation of personnel throughout the IC.
  • Acquisition, Procurement & Facilities (AP&F) - Acquisition, Procurement & Facilities serves as the IC Senior Acquisition Executive (SAE) and facilitates improvements in the IC mission by providing confidence that investments in new capabilities are available quickly, developed effectively, and meet user needs.  AP&F is also responsible for executing IC Senior Procurement Executive (SPE) and IC Senior Real Property Officer (SRPO) functions that enables communities of practice to ensure IC professional skills and tools are world-class across acquisition, procurement, contracting, infrastructure, logistics, and facilities management disciplines.
  • Data and Partnership Interoperability (DPI) - The Data and Partnership Interoperability (DPI) office is responsible for leading the IC in managing information and data to ensure that it gets to the right people at the right time in the right format, while building, enabling, and maintaining domestic partnerships to mutually share information, people, processes, technologies, innovations, and ideas to inform decision making at all levels while advancing the IC mission and strengthening national security. DPI partners include the White House, IC elements, Federal, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial governments and a broad range of private sector partners including industry, non-government organizations (NGOs), and academia.”
  • Policy & Strategy (P&S) - Sets the strategy and policy framework, enabling the IC's ability to deliver timely, accurate, relevant intelligence, support and capabilities to stay ahead of opportunities and risks in our complex global and technological environment.  Drives the implementation of strategy and policy across the IC, ensuring current activities are aligned with future vision.
  • Requirements, Cost, and Effectiveness (RC&E) - Requirements, Cost, and Effectiveness (RC&E) informs decision making by delivering insight on the future intelligence environment and fact-based analysis on strategic issues, capabilities, cost, and effectivness.
  • Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) - Invests in high-risk, high-reward research to achieve an overwhelming intelligence advantage for the Nation.  Drives groundbreaking research and development in support of our future strategies, enhances innovation across the breadth of IC activities, and allows the IC to take advantage of cutting-edge technology, resulting in critical advances that propel the IC forward.