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Who We Are


Partner Engagement (PE) is the Office within ODNI that advances partnerships and responsible intelligence and information sharing to enhance decision-making. PE Information Sharing Environment (ISE) mission partners span five communities—homeland security, law enforcement, defense, foreign affairs, and intelligence. Mission partners include all levels of federal, state, local, and tribal government; private sector entities; and international governments and organizations.


  • Facilitate integration between the Intelligence Community and Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Partners.
  • Promote communications and training to enhance mutual understanding between and among ODNI, the Intelligence Community, and Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Partners.
  • Implement and institutionalize the Domestic DNI Representative Program.
  • Develop and implement standardized processes for collaboration between the Intelligence Community and Federal, State, Local, and Tribal Partners.


  • Develop and implement an enterprise approach to foreign intelligence relationships, aimed at integrating and optimizing Intelligence Community engagement with foreign partners.
  • Support the overseas DNI Representatives through direct engagement that facilitate their leadership of the Intelligence Community team in the field.
  • Lead coordination of Intelligence Community sharing and foreign liaison issues through various DNI committees and forums.
  • Integrate and align key foreign intelligence relationships through the development of ODNI Country Engagement Plans, as a complement to the ODNI Unifying Intelligence Strategies.


  • Identify emerging issues and forge solutions to ensure the fullest use of U.S. national intelligence capabilities in support of military operations.
  • Develop and sustain communications and collaborative networks between the Intelligence Community and U.S. Military organizations.
  • Foster quality Intelligence Community participation in the joint military education continuum, focusing on improving war fighter knowledge of national and allied intelligence capabilities.

Private Sector

  • Build and nurture key partnerships between private sector and Intelligence Community entities to enable a consistent, bidirectional, and mutually beneficial information flow.
  • Create trusting relationships across and between Intelligence Community entities and private sector entities by leveraging existing and establishing new relationships with trade associations, government coordinating councils, sector-specific coordinating councils, and umbrella organizations.
  • Advocate information sharing and integration among private sector and Intelligence Community about threats to national security in areas such as critical infrastructure, cyber, counterterrorism, counterintelligence, economic, and public health.
  • Encourage increased coordination and collaboration by building stronger, enduring, and mutually beneficial partnerships, and de-conflict efforts and activities by using existing structures, programs and organizations.


Lt. Gen. John Bansemer, USAF, is the Assistant Director of National Intelligence for Partner Engagement.



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