We build an understanding of foreign cyber threats to U.S. national interests to inform decisionmakers

CTIIC is the federal lead for intelligence support in response to significant cyber incidents, working—on behalf of the IC—to integrate analysis of threat trends and events, build situational awareness, and support interagency efforts to develop options for degrading or mitigating adversary threat capabilities.

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How We Work


CTIIC integrates information from network defense, intelligence, and law enforcement communities; facilitates information sharing; leads community analysis of cyber threats; and supports interagency planning to develop whole-of-government approaches against cyber adversaries. The following three components carry out CTIIC’s mission:


Current Intelligence

Current Intelligence builds shared situational awareness of foreign cyber threats to US national interests by identifying significant cyber threat reporting and setting it in context for a broad readership across the IC and federal cyber community, including senior policymakers.

Analysis Integration

Analysis Integration leads community analysis of cyber threats or incidents and high-priority threat actors, setting their cyber activity in the broader context of their intent, motivations, and geopolitical considerations.

Threat Opportunity

Threat Opportunity supports and facilitates whole-of-government options in response to cyber threats to help ensure decision-makers receive potential courses of action that reflect all instruments of national power.



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CTIIC Careers

CTIIC offers rotational (joint duty) opportunities for federal employees interested in working for a dynamic organization at the forefront of forging the nation’s response to cyber security threats. We are a multidisciplinary staff of cyber intelligence analysts, operations officers, executive staff, IT specialists, and publications officers from ODNI, CIA, DHS, DIA, DOE, FBI, and NSA.