We Lead The IC's Efforts to Protect The United States From Foreign Malign Influence

We mitigate threats to democracy and U.S national interests from foreign malign influence (FMI) by managing the Intelligence Community’s (IC’s) collection resources, building partnerships, and advancing strategic analysis, while protecting the privacy and civil liberties of the American people.

Who We Are

How We Work

FMIC serves as the primary U.S. Government organization for integrating intelligence pertaining to foreign malign influence (FMI), including on election security. FMI is defined as subversive, undeclared, coercive, or criminal activities by foreign governments, non-state actors, or their proxies to affect another nation’s popular or political attitudes, perceptions, or behaviors to advance their interests.

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Integrates government agencies, facilitates information sharing, and develops strategies to mitigate FMI.

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Builds relationships with external partners, including government, civil society, and the private sector, to share information and mitigate FMI activities.

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Advances strategic analysis on the FMI problem set, synchronizes analytic efforts across the Intelligence Community, and provides comprehensive assessments to decision makers.

FMIC Careers

FMIC is staffed by professionals from diverse analytical and operational backgrounds. To address the persistent and dynamic threat from foreign malign influence, the FMIC team engages with colleagues from a wide variety of institutions, including other IC agencies, the wider U.S. Government (including law enforcement and diplomatic elements), the private sector, civil society, and the academy. We welcome mission-oriented applicants and detailees with functional and regional expertise who want to join us in countering this challenging problem.


Foreign Malign Influence Center