IC Human Capital


The Awards Program Office manages the Director of National Intelligence's National Intelligence Community Awards (NICA) program – a suite of 13 awards for which individuals and teams may be nominated to recognize significant and lasting contributions to the Intelligence Community. The Awards Program Office works with Senior Professional Executives to establish National Intelligence Professional Awards (NIPA) programs dedicated to recognize service and contributions that enhance the stature and standing of IC professions.


The function of recognizing community-wide contributions transferred from CIA, under the Director of Central Intelligence, to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) upon standup of the ODNI. The original five Intelligence Community Awards (ICAs) transferred to the NICA and provided the foundation for the DNI program.


The NICAs complement agency-specific awards and focus on service and contributions that rise above providing significant benefit to an individual IC agency or element – they recognize service and contributions that have a significant and lasting impact on the Intelligence Community as a whole. An independent board, comprised of representatives from across the IC, makes recommendations on award nominations to the DNI, who makes all final decisions on awards.


Any IC element may nominate any of its own or any other IC element individual or team for recognition. Team nominations frequently include members from multiple IC elements who have worked together to realize a goal.