NCTC Newsroom

NCTC Newsroom

The MOA which allows NCTC to gain bulk access to DHS APIS Data, for up to 1 year, which incorporates detailed restrictions on who can access the data and for what purpose, pre-requisite training, processes for ensuring data is up to date, error correction and feedback, independent auditing by DHS, and many other privacy and civil liberties protective provisions. Click here to download.

A White Paper issued by the ODNI’s Civil Liberties and Privacy Office explaining the civil liberties and privacy protections incorporated into NCTC’s 2012 Attorney General Guidelines. Click here to download.

NCTC’s annual report to the ODNI General Counsel and Civil Liberties Protection Officer, as well as the IC Inspector General, on NCTC’s access, retention, use and dissemination of non-terrorism datasets, as required under NCTC’s revised 2012 Attorney General Guidelines. Click here to download.

Click here to download Director Nicholas Rasmussen testimony "Worldwide Threats to the Homeland: ISIS and the New Wave of Terror."

Thank you Chairman McCaul, Ranking Member Thompson, and members of the Committee. I appreciate this opportunity to discuss the threats that concern us most. I’m pleased to join my colleagues and close partners from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation. (U)

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