Mission & Vision

NCSC Mission, Vision, Goals

NCSC Mission

To lead and support the counterintelligence and security activities of the U.S. Government, the U.S. Intelligence Community, and U.S. private sector entities at risk of intelligence collection, penetration or attack by foreign and other adversaries.

NCSC Vision

NCSC is the nation’s premier source for counterintelligence and security expertise and a trusted mission partner in protecting America against foreign and other adversarial threats.

Strategic Goals

  • Goal 1:  Advance our Knowledge of, and our Ability to Counter Foreign and Other Adversarial Threats and Incidents
  • Goal 2:  Protect US Critical Infrastructure, Facilities, Classified Networks, Sensitive Information, and Personnel
  • Goal 3:  Advance our Counterintelligence and Security Mission and Optimize Enterprise Capabilities through Partnerships
  • Goal 4:  Strengthen our Effectiveness through Stakeholder Engagement, Governance, and Advocacy
  • Goal 5:  Achieve our Mission through Organizational Excellence


William R. Evanina, National Counterintelligence Executive and Director, NCSC