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Life stressors impact us all – at work and at home. Watch how one employee struggles to deal with his stressors…and how a co-worker responds to a potential insider threat.

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Foreign intelligence entities, which may include foreign governments, corporations, and their proxies, are actively targeting information, assets, and technologies that are vital to both U.S. national security and our global competitiveness. The National Counterintelligence and Security Center is dedicated to raising awareness among government employees and private industry about these foreign intelligence threats, the risks they pose, and the defensive measures necessary for individuals and organizations to safeguard that which has been entrusted to their protection.


These Awareness Materials will enable personnel to better understand these threats and provide guidance and tips for protecting the sensitive information, assets, technologies, and networks to which employees have access.  It will also serve to help them protect their personal, confidential information that may be used by others to gain their trust.


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Terminal Risk -- a video jointly produced by NCSC, NSA, FBI and State/DS-- focuses on the Counterintelligence and security threats faced by the private sector at home and abroad. The ten vignettes were the result of NCSC discussions with industry security officers in the defense, pharmaceutical, entertainment, energy and IT sectors. They reflect real-life threats faced by the US private sector from terrorists, foreign intelligence services and foreign competitors. The video also provides advice on steps private sector firms and their employees can take to counter these threats.


Terminal Risk - Introduction
Terminal Risk - Targeting Executives Overseas
Targeting Executives Overseas
Terminal Risk - Targeting Corporate Negotiating Positions
Targeting Corporate Negotiating
Terminal Risk - Mobile Phone Vulnerabilities
Mobile Phone Vulnerabilities
Terminal Risk - Targeting Professionals at Conferences
Targeting Professionals at Conferences
Terminal Risk - Gathering Competitive Intelligence
Gathering Competitive Intelligence
Terminal Risk - Controlling Corporate Intellectual Property
Controlling Corporate Intelligence Property
Terminal Risk - Mobile Phone Exploitation
Mobile Phone Exploitation
Terminal Risk - Office Equipment Exploitation
Office Equipment Exploitation
Terminal Risk - Closing

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