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  • Counterintelligence Reporting Essentials (CORE): A Practical Guide for Reporting Counterintelligence and Security Indicators
    Supervisors and coworkers are the first line of defense against national security crimes. The government relies on you toprotect national security by reporting any behavior that you observe that may be related to a potential compromise ofsensitive information. However, judgment calls are often required by the potential reporter, and this often leads to indecisionor choosing not to report anything. This resource provides a focused list of serious counterintelligence- and security-relatedbehaviors that, if observed or learned about, should be reported immediately to the appropriate counterintelligence orsecurity authorities. All these behaviors are serious and require little or no speculation.


  • Enhancing Supervisor Reporting of Behaviors of Concern
    This report compiles a literature review with key information from subject matter expert (SME) interviews about barriers to reporting, strategies for overcoming these barriers, and tools to assist with the reporting process.
  • Reporting of Counterintelligence and Security Indicators by Supervisors and Coworkers
    Personnel and Security Research Center (PERSEREC) conducted a study of supervisor and coworker reporting of security-related information. Explanations were offered by security managers and by focus group participants as to why manysecurity-related behaviors are underreported. PERSEREC developed a clear, succinct list of behaviors that could pose apotential threat to national security and thus should be reported if observed.
  • On the Right Track: Worker-on-Worker Violence Prevention
    Researchers partnered with subject matter experts (SME) in law enforcement and asked them to share their opinions as towhy worker-on-worker violence seems so rare in police departments, especially given the intense, fast-paced, and armed environment. The purpose of this report is to identify best practices based on these discussions and recommend potential prevention strategies that organizations might want to consider for its own workforce.

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