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NITTF Mission

The primary mission of the NITTF is to develop a Government-wide insider threat program for deterring, detecting, and mitigating insider threats, including the safeguarding of classified information from exploitation, compromise, or other unauthorized disclosure, taking into account risk levels, as well as the distinct needs, missions, and systems of individual agencies.

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  • Thank you for attending the 2018 Spring NITTF Forum. Please continue to view the site for information on the 2018 NITTF Fall Forum in November.
  • NEW: The National Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF) features insider threat training and mental wellness training developed by our mission partners. NITTF thanks its mission partners for sharing these learning modules with the Insider Threat Community. Consider including these as training resources for your workforce.

20180516 Insider Threat Module

One of our Intelligence Community partners developed this training to address a variety of insider threat matters such as leaks, spills, espionage, sabotage, and targeted violence. Click on the image to access the module.

20180516 Mental Wellness Module


This mental wellness training was developed by the Office of Intelligence Community Equal Employment Opportunity and Diversity to explain challenges our workforce may endure if they are experiencing mental health issues, and how an agency’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can help.  Click on the image to access the module. NOTE: Module is Best Viewed in Firefox

Establishment of NITTF

In October 2011, the president issued Executive Order (E.O.) 13587 (PDF) establishing the [National] Insider Threat Task Force (NITTF) under joint leadership of the Attorney General and the Director of National Intelligence. The president directed federal departments and agencies with access to classified information to establish insider threat detection and prevention programs, and the NITTF to assist agencies in developing and implementing these programs. In November 2012, following an extensive interagency coordination and vetting process, the president issued the National Insider Threat Policy and the Minimum Standards (PDF) via a Presidential Memorandum.

NITTF Products:

NITTF Insider Threat Guide (To view more NITTF Products click here):

  • Note: The NITTF Insider Threat Guide was recently updated to correct reference errors from the original version. Click on the cover page to download. If you downloaded the original version, please refer to the Errata. The Errata shows the corrected reference errors from the original version.

insider threat guide

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Protect Your Organization Guide:


NITTF Government Best Practice

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Any Given Day video:

Any Given Day Video

Any Given Day (VIDEO) is an 8-minute video that was produced to enhance insider threat education and awareness.  It highlights the balance between collecting information and privacy concerns, and presents a side of insider threat programs that is not often considered: protecting national security at the human level.  Executive Order 13587 focuses on safeguarding classified networks and classified information, but it's not just about information;  it's also about protecting people.  NITTF encourages inclusion of this video in your existing training plan for your workforce.

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