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Welcome to the updated NITTF Resource Library.  As part of its assistance mission, the NITTF works within the Insider Threat community to identify best practices, policy templates, and guidance to assist in the development of Insider Threat Programs and Insider Threat Training.  Please check here periodically for newly posted information that may be of assistance.


The Resource Library is now divided into 4 sections to help visitors view the various information on Insider threat information:


NITTF Produced Guides and Templates NITTF Directives & Advisories
External Learning Modules NEW: Additional Insider Threat Resources


NITTF Produced Guides and Templates: This section of the NITTF Resource Library provides Insider threat information that was developed by NITTF.  Included in this section are the 2017 Insider Threat Guide: A Compendium of best practices to accompany the National Insider Threat Minimum Standards (PDF) (and the errata) and the Any Given Day video.


NITTF Directives and Advisories:  This section of the resource library provides the various advisories and directives. This section provides information to departments and agencies information on key Insider Threat topics such as User Activity Monitoring (UAM) and data mining.


External Learning Modules:  This section of the resource library provides Insider Threat learning and information developed by our external partners.  This section includes the recently uploaded Mental Wellness and Insider Threat modules develop by the IC-EEOD and members of the Intelligence Community respectively.


NEW: Additional Insider Threat Resources:  This section provides additional resources that have been developed by our various partners that provide additional information and resources to the Insider Threat Community. Resources include external links, briefings, and documentation.  NITTF would like to thank our partners who are willing to share their information to the Insider Threat Community.
New Information Available


NOTE:  Materials in the NITTF Resource Library marked with asterisk (*) is For Official Use Only, and has not been approved for public release.  Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have an official need for this item.


NITTF Collaboration Efforts:

As part of the NITTF’s focus on assisting the executive branch with meeting the minimum standards, the NITTF has partnered with D/As to develop solutions to visualize complex data at no cost, provide a GOTS case management tool to D/As insider threat programs, and have assisted classified network providers with developing written data sharing agreements to meet minimum standard requirements.



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