NITTF Produced Guides & Templates

NITTF Produced Guides & Templates

This section of the resource library provides guidance developed and produced by the NITTF, including the Any Given Day Video and the 2017 Insider Threat Guide.  For additional information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


NITTF Insider Threat Guide Protect Your Organization Guide
2017 Insider Threat Guide NITTF Government Best Practice
2017 Insider Threat Guide: A Compendium of best practices to accompany the National Insider Threat Minimum Standards Errata

Note: The NITTF Insider Threat Guide was recently updated to correct reference errors from the original version. If you downloaded the original version, please refer to the Errata. The Errata shows the corrected reference errors from the original version.
Protect Your Organization from the Inside Out: Government Best Practices (PDF)


Any Given Day Video
Any Given Day Video
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Any Given Day (VIDEO) is an 8-minute video that was produced to enhance insider threat education and awareness.  It highlights the balance between collecting information and privacy concerns, and presents a side of insider threat programs that is not often considered: protecting national security at the human level.  Executive Order 13587 focuses on safeguarding classified networks and classified information, but it's not just about information;  it's also about protecting people.  NITTF encourages inclusion of this video in your existing training plan for your workforce.


Additional NITTF Guides and Templates

  • Insider Threat Program Inquiries Handbook*
  • Insider Threat Cost Model Template*
  • NITTF 2014 Guide to Accompany the National Insider Threat Policy and Minimum Standards*

* This material is For Official Use Only, and has not been approved for public release. Please contact the NITTF if you have an official need for this item.


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