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IC IG Strategic Plan - FY 2023 - 2027


Five Eyes Intelligence Oversight and Review Council (FIORC)

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FIORC is composed of the following non-political intelligence oversight, review, and security entities of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States


  • The Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security of Australia
  • The National Security and Intelligence Review Agency of Canada
  • The Office of the Intelligence Commisioner of Canada
  • The Commissioner of Intelligence Warrants and the Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security of New Zealand
  • The Investigatory Powers Commissioner's Office of the United Kingdom
  • The Office of the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community of the United States



The Council members exchange views on subjects of mutual interest and concern; compare best practices in review and oversight methodology; explore areas where cooperation on reviews and the sharing of results is permitted where appropriate; encourage transparency to the largest extent possible to enhance public trust; and maintain contact with political offices, oversight and review committees, and countries as appropriate.


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