Mission Integration

How We Work

Mission Integration (MI) creates a consistent and holistic view of intelligence from collection to analysis and serves as the DNI's principal advisor on all aspects of intelligence.  MI integrates mission capabilities, informs enterprise resource and policy decisions, and ensures the delivery of timely, objective, accurate, and relevant intelligence.

Mission Integration (MI) is led by the Deputy Director of National Intelligence for Mission Integration, Morgan Muir.


  • Election Threats Executive – The Election Threats Executive is responsible for leading the Intelligence Community’s efforts to identify and assess foreign influence and interference in U.S. elections by integrating collection, analysis, counterintelligence, resource programming, and other intelligence activities in order to support whole-of-government efforts to safeguard the integrity of our elections.
  • Mission Performance, Analysis & Collection - The Mission, Performance, Analysis, and Collection (MPAC) works to strengthen the IC's ability to respond to national intelligence priorities in a multi-INT, cross-discipline environment, MPAC accomplishes this mission by working across the IC to ensure our people, processes, and technologies meet the demanding needs of the analysis and collection mission areas, while promoting integrity and tradecraft.
  • National Intelligence Council (NIC) - The National Intelligence Council is responsible for leading analysis across the IC to inform immediate and long-term policy deliberations.  The National Intelligence Officers (NIOs) serve as the principal subject matter experts to the DNI and national security decision makers on all aspects of analysis related to their regional and functional roles.
  • National Intelligence Management Council - The National Intelligence Management Council serves as the DNI's principal substantive advisors within and across specific regions and functional issues while conducting individual and collective strategic oversight of the Intelligence Community by integrating collection, analysis, counterintelligence, and resource programming, and other intelligence activities and issues. The NIM includes functional managers such as NIM Aviation.
  • President's Daily Brief - The President's Daily Brief (PDB) is an IC publication produced for the President under the auspices of the DNI.  Since the overarching intent of the PDB is to provide insights that are both useful and new to the President, the DNI selects articles for the PDB based on their ability to help the President avoid tactical surprises, manage ongoing crises, or craft policies to advance US strategic interests.

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