Access Rights and Handling

Access Rights and Handling

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Access Rights and Handling


This XML Data Encoding Specification for Access Rights and Handling (ARH.XML) defines detailed implementation guidance for using Extensible Markup Language (XML) to encode ARH data.


Information sharing within the national intelligence enterprise will increasingly rely on information assurance metadata (including enterprise data headers) to allow interagency access control, automated exchanges, and appropriate protection of shared intelligence. A structured, verifiable representation of security metadata bound to the intelligence data is required in order for the enterprise to become inherently "smarter" about the information flowing in and around it. Such a representation, when implemented with other data formats, improved user interfaces, and data processing utilities, can provide part of a larger, robust information assurance infrastructure capable of automating some of the management and exchange decisions today being performed by human beings.


The Intelligence Community (IC) has standardized the various classification and control markings established for information sharing within the Information Security Markings (ISM) and Need-To-Know (NTK) XML specifications of the Intelligence Community Enterprise Architecture (ICEA) Data Standards. The IC Access Requirements and Handling XML specification combines elements of the ISM and NTK specifications and extends them to access rights management and handling needs.


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