CDR: Query Management

CDR: Query Management

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CDR: Query Management


This IC/DoD enterprise encoding specification defines requirements and provides guidelines for the realization of the Content Discovery and Retrieval (CDR) Query Management component as a web service using both a RESTful, OpenSearch [OS] and SOAP style binding, hereafter termed the Query Management (QM) Service, as a web service using the SOAP style binding. The Query Management (QM) Component, as defined by the “IC/DoD Content Discovery and Retrieval (CDR) Specification Framework” , is a CDR Component that manages Saved Searches and may initiate search requests based on Saved Searches. It describes the external service interfaces and the internal activities that provide service behaviors so that service providers and consumers can create and use CDR-compliant Query Management Services.


This specification supports Intelligence Community Directive 501(ICD 501), Discovery, Dissemination or Retrieval of Information within the Intelligence Community, which establishes policies for (1) discovery, and (2) dissemination or retrieval of intelligence and intelligence-related information collected, or analysis produced by the Intelligence Community.


Compliance with this specification is measured against all aspects of the technical and documentary artifacts contained within the specification release package. This specification is maintained by the IC Chief Information Officer via the Services Coordination Activity (SCA) and Content Discovery and Retrieval Integrated Product Team (CDR IPT).


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Value Proposition


This specification is designed to fulfill a number of requirements in support of the transformational efforts of the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense Enterprise(IC/DoD). The six functions listed below provide QM service consumers with a coordinated set of capabilities that support managing and using both searches and search related information. This specification mandates the generic interfaces that a QM consumer would utilize to manage and use a Saved Search:

  • Create –The Create function is used to insert a new Saved Search into the QM Collection.
  • Read – The Read function is used to retrieve a Saved Search from the QM Collection.
  • Update – The Update function is used to change a Saved Search in the QM Collection.
  • Delete – The Delete function is used to logically remove a Saved Search from the QM Collection.
  • Execute – The Execute function enables a QM consumer to execute (run) a Saved Search at the location specified by the Target Search Capability. To process an execute request, the Query Management Service retrieves the Target Search Capability (the location of the Search Service) and the Search Request from the Saved Search. This information is then used to initiate the Search. This capability SHOULD leverage the CDR Search approach to effect the execution of a Saved Search.
  • Search – The Search function enables a prospective consumer to interrogate the QM Collection on the basis of anything to be found in the Saved Search Bundle or the Saved Search Description to determine if a suitable search has already been created. Generic search terms can be used to provide functionality that provides a ‘list’ of the contents of the QM Collection. This capability SHOULD leverage the CDR Search discovery approach.