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CVE Encoding Specification for Role


This IC enterprise CVE encoding specification defines XML elements and attributes, associated structures and relationships, cardinality requirements, and permissible values for the role attribute as defined in the IC Enterprise Attribute Exchange Between IC Attribute Services Unified Identity Attribute Set (UIAS) Technical Specification.


This specification provides a set of values to characterize the entity’s (person or non-person) authorized position, job, or area of responsibility that ties membership to the function that the entity needs to perform the expected task.


This specification supports Executive Order (EO) 13526, Classified National Security Information which “prescribes a uniform system for classifying, safeguarding, and declassifying national security information”, across national security disciplines, networks, services, and data.


Compliance with this specification is measured against all aspects of the technical and documentary artifacts contained within the specification release package.


This specification is maintained by the IC Chief Information Officer via the Data Standards Coordination Activity (DSCA) and Common Metadata Standards Tiger Team (CMSTT).


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Mission Requirements


This CES defines the Role CVEs and contains the approved namespaces and associated taxonomies for the Role attribute and the valid values for populating the components of a role. It provides a common encoding (e.g. common understanding) and foundation for the UIAS attribute role. It also describes the generic format and lexicon for the role attribute. This format and lexicon is used to create specific taxonomies for a given namespace.


Although useful in and of itself, the intended use of this specification is to be incorporated into other specifications, in particular UIAS. For this purpose, role is defined by the use of formal language known as ABNF (Augmented Backus-Naur Form). This specification defines rules that explicitly define the content of ABNF which are used to provide a formal description independent of any particular technology.