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Intelligence Community Only Need-To-Know


This XML Data Encoding Specification for Intelligence Community Only Need-To-Know Profile (ICO-NTK.XML) provides detailed implementation guidance to limit dissemination of appropriately tagged information solely to members of the Intelligence Community (IC). Certain information is only permitted to be disseminated to and accessed by members of the IC. This profile defines a specification that uses NTK for conveying the requirement to limit dissemination.


This is the first release of the specification and therefore provides no backward capability.


Compliance with this specification is measured against all aspects of the technical and documentary artifacts contained within the specification release package.


The IC Chief Information Officer maintains this specification via the Data Coordination Activity (DCA) and Common Metadata Standards Tiger Team (CMSTT).


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Mission Requirements


This specification is designed to fulfill a number of requirements in support of the transformational efforts of the Intelligence Community. Many of these requirements are articulated in IC Directives.


This specification includes design features that address:

  • Defines the use of elements and attributes from NTK, associated structures, relationships, requirements, cardinality, and permissible values for representing ICO-NTK data concepts using XML.
  • Defines how information is disseminated to and accessed by members of the IC.
  • Discusses relationship between ICO-ACES and ADD re mapping