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CDR: Deliver

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CDR: Deliver


This IC/DoD enterprise encoding specification defines requirements and provides guidelines for the realization of the Content Discovery and Retrieval (CDR) Deliver Component as a web service using both the SOAP messaging protocol and REST style binding, hereafter termed a Deliver service. This component provides a common interface and behavioral model for IC and DoD content collections, enabling content consumers to deliver relevant content resources from disparate collections across the IC/DoD Enterprise. The content of this specification describes a Deliver service’s interface and other aspects in detail, providing enough information for Deliver service providers and implementers to create CDR-compliant Deliver services.


The REST Deliver Service, as defined by the Intelligence Community/Department of Defense (IC/DoD) CDR Specification Framework, serves as a “push” mechanism to send information resources. The Deliver Service relies on mechanisms that are already well established in the internet infrastructure:

The SOAP Deliver Service exposes a Deliver function. While the function is often used in concert with delivering the results of a Content Discovery search, it may be used in general to process any compliant Deliver instructions. The Deliver function can be used in a few different patterns:

  • Deliver content provided by the entity invoking the service to a default or specified recipient(s)
  • Deliver content obtained as the result of a previous query to default or specified recipient(s)
  • Deliver based upon additionally specified criteria (e.g. time, event)

The Deliver Service facilitates the transfer of a content resource to a specified destination. In its simplest form, the Deliver Service will take a consumer-supplied payload and send it to another consumer as specified by the delivery destination and properties. The Deliver Service may include additional (interim) processing, including but not limited to compression, encryption, or conversion.


This specification supports Intelligence Community Directive 501(ICD 501), Discovery, Dissemination or Retrieval of Information within the Intelligence Community, which establishes policies for (1) discovery, and (2) dissemination or retrieval of intelligence and intelligence-related information collected, or analysis produced by the Intelligence Community.


Compliance with this specification is measured against all aspects of the technical and documentary artifacts contained within the specification release package. This specification is maintained by the IC Chief Information Officer via the Services Coordination Activity (SCA) and Content Discovery and Retrieval Integrated Product Team (CDR IPT).


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Value Proposition


This specification is designed to fulfill a number of requirements in support of the transformational efforts of the Intelligence Community and Department of Defense Enterprise(IC/DoD). Features of this specification are to:

  • Enable a content resource to be delivered to a specified location which may or may not be the requesting component.
  • Provide additional processing of the content to make it suitable for delivery to its destination and delivery path to be used.
  • On behalf of the consumer, retrieve the requested content and then deliver to the specified location.