Intelligence Community Specification Framework

Intelligence Community Specification Framework

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Intelligence Community Specification Framework


The Intelligence Community Specification Framework (IC-SF.XML) defines the basic conceptual structure and outlines the core philosophy of Intelligence Community (IC) technical specifications. This framework is applicable to the IC and information produced by, stored, or shared within the IC. This framework may have relevance outside the scope of intelligence; however, prior to applying outside of this defined scope, the framework should be closely scrutinized and differences separately documented and assessed for applicability.


The IC Chief Information Officer maintains this specification via the Data Standards Coordination Activity (DSCA) and Common Metadata Standards Tiger Team (CMSTT).


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Over the years, the number of IC technical specifications has grown substantially for various reasons, from addressing new enterprise needs to isolating independent concepts into separate specifications. Within these specifications, there are many aspects that are universal to all the IC specifications, or at least applicable to a particular family or format of specification. In a desire to simplify the specifications and make them easier to understand by those who are engineering and implementing enterprise exchange systems, this framework was born.