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Information on employment opportunities with the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, which is part of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, can be found under Careers on the ODNI home page.

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NCSC is transforming its workforce and capabilities through strategic hiring and implementation of its professional development strategy. Through these efforts, NCSC will retain current talent and acquire new skills necessary to lead the nation's counterintelligence and security efforts to counter the foreign intelligence threat. NCSC has rotational opportunities for current federal civilian personnel that are interested in working in our dynamic and diverse organization.

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Executive Order (E.O.) 13587 and the National Insider Threat Policy directs the NITTF to conduct ‘’independent assessments of the adequacy of agency programs to implement established policies and minimum standards’’ and to report the results to the Steering Committee. It directs U.S. executive branch departments and agencies (D/As) to ‘‘provide information and access…to enable independent assessments.’’ The National Insider Threat Policy also requires the NITTF to conduct assessments to determine the level of organizational compliance with the Policy and Minimum Standards. All executive branch D/As that possess national security information or own or operate a classified network are subject to independent assessments.


An independent assessment is an integral part of the NITTF’s mission to assist D/As in establishing their insider threat programs. It provides a D/A with an outside view of its progress in implementing the Insider Threat Minimum Standards, identifies best practices the D/A has incorporated into its insider threat program, and makes recommendations in the areas where the NITTF assesses there is still work to be done to meet a Minimum Standard. These recommendations provide a guide for the D/A to focus its efforts towards reaching full operating capability—implementing all of the Minimum Standards. Recommendations in an independent assessment also provide a roadmap for the NITTF to provide tailored assistance to the D/A. Individual D/A independent assessment reports are shared only with D/A insider threat officials; for DoD components, the individual assessment reports are also shared with USD(I), as the Department’s Designated Senior Official.


If you are a Designated Senior Official or Program Manager for your Insider Threat Program, you may contact the NITTF to discuss scheduling an assessment.


Traits of a D/A that reaches FOC:


Click here to view traits of a program that reaches Full Operating Capability (PDF)

Insider Threat Program Milestones:

 NITTF Program Maturity Levels


Insider Threat Minimum Standards by Category:

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Executive Order (E.O.) 13587 and the National Insider Threat Policy direct the NITTF to assist departments and agencies (D/A) in developing, implementing, and improving their Insider Threat Programs. The assistance effort is a collaborative process between the NITTF and the individual D/A. Through the assistance program, NITTF subject matter experts provide expertise, guidance, and advice on how best to achieve the Minimum Standards required for all insider threat programs. All components of the NITTF help facilitate the assistance mission in order to aid the executive branch D/As in meeting the requirements of E.O. 13587.


The NITTF Liaison Team is a critical part of the assistance program. Liaison Team members work directly with individual Federal Partners and select Department of Defense components. They provide direct assistance to insider threat program managers and personnel and help identify common solutions to common problems that are present across the enterprise. The Liaison Team also serves as an intermediary between D/As and the NITTF, helping identify task force resources, such as training or technical assistance, that may be beneficial to insider threat programs.


If you have any questions and/or insistence in establishing and insider threat office contact NITTF Assistance at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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As a collaboration service to the Enterprise Threat Mitigation (ETM) Community, this section serves as a bulletin board for upcoming events of interest.  Please check here periodically for newly posted information that may be of assistance.  We’re also happy to post information about events of interest to the community that other agencies sponsor to ensure maximum visibility.


Upcoming Events:


17 Mar 2022   ETD Discussion – NCTC Information Sharing Initiative   

10 – 11 am EST      

Apr 2022        National Supply Chain Integrity Month        All Month





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